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A Major Spiritual Awakening Is Occurring Now--Command and Take Your Own Power

Ariana Sheran

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efore I would like to take this opportunity to speak with you. I know you would share that which is received.

We will talk relative to the spiritual awakening that is occurring on the planet and the denial of some, about their true heritage. First we will speak of the yellow chakra. The yellow chakra is the seat of your power, your strength and your will. The solar plexus. Through intelligence and psychic development, all of those things encompass the solar plexus and its many activities. On the negative side, the solar plexus is also the seat of denial. Many people do not know how to take their own power and produce what they would wish to have in their lives. They go into a deep state of denial of whom they are, of where they came from or of connections to Spirit. This occurs with millions of people, dear ones. They deny Spirit in favor of material goods and self-preservation. Little do they know that their life would be preserved and served much better if they returned to a positive attitude.

Why do people change from the positive little beings that were brought into the Earth through their mothers? These were excited little spirits when they came into body. Why do they change? How do they lose their power and make themselves a life of denial? There are, of course, many factors here. There is karma. There are the lessons that the being decided to learn while on the Earth. There are traditions and moral standards. There is the buffeting of a person through relationships and there is the constant, we may call it hassle of needing to make enough money to make ends meet. All of these things contribute, and many more, to turn that positive little baby into one who denies their very existence on any other plane besides the Third Dimension.

Denial comes in many forms. What occurs when the solar plexus chakra is closed in denial?

Dalphiaana: They would certainly have an awful stomachache!

Athena: Yes, indeed! That and more, for as you know the splenic chakra is the seat of emotions and yet the solar plexus chakra is also to do with emotions. The emotion of strength verses weakness, for example, on a different level here. We have the gut level feeling that you have heard about many times. This is the yellow chakra and the activity of that one, the beginnings of psychic impressions and of intuitive thoughts. If one is not schooled in any type of spirituality, they will close down the wonderful gifts that they have earned in incarnations past. They will strive to make it by themselves in a world that is actually foreign to them. Many of these who have come to the Earth are not of the Earth and they dwell in confusion as to what they are doing, why they are doing it, how they are doing it and “What is the point of all this?”

Now, we can take as an example one who is totally shut down relative to spiritual practices and intuitive gleanings. This person is denying their own spirituality, therefore denying their very life essence. Living in denial causes an emotion, not the type generated by relationships as is the orange chakra but an emotion that is higher on the scale of feeling. We, in the Heaven Worlds, endeavor to get through to all people in one way of another but when a block such as this is put up that person is lost to their spiritual family and to their soul connection. They will wander about the Earth searching for answers, seeking love, wanting truth but not knowing they want these things on a conscious level.

So now is the time as has been said many, many times but now is truly the time for a major awakening to occur in all countries and with all people upon Earth. Truth has been filtering through and major cover-ups have come to light. This is showing people there is a better way, a more enlightened way to conduct themselves into the future. They are demonstrating this by many very public activities and by experiential example. Even many of the little children, who are recently coming onto the planet, are assisting as they are coming with full awareness of who they are and it is hoped that their parents will encourage their recollections and remembrances. Times are quickening and people are becoming more and more aware of the changes that must be made and more and more determined to make those changes.

Athena was channeled by Ariana Sheran

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