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God's Plan for Creation: A Shift By Friday, Sept. 21, 2007

Michele Denman

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They want each to know that they are respected and loved and the last stand will be completely over by Friday.

The frozen energy that has been on the lands is beginning to melt.

Decay is dissipating.

Grief is ending.

The war energy that once held us, is leaving. Trial will end.

Suffering will end.

War will be no more.

We will have accomplished so much by Friday, that we will stand in a new consciousness by Friday. Guilt is leaving, shame is leaving, bitterness is leaving. Pain is leaving.

We are literally at ³the end² right now, the end of this cycle.

Any beings that did not have the highest good in mind, are being escorted and taken for correction. They dumped a lot of their stuff on the world in order to harm it and although it was allowed, it will never be allowed in this creation again. This is the end of such allowance.

Michael has resolved this with the People's Republic and he is opening new schools for creation with new teachings.

This is Ascension. We are zooming at the speed of Light.

Thank you for your honor and dignity. Much has been accomplished and much is resolving now in creation. The energies of "hell" will soon be non-existent.

Animals and babies are all being protected. Grief will soon be no more.


Michele Denman and Kuthumi

Message #2:

Thank you so much again.

This is God's World and we are cherishing every moment of it.

This time has allowed so much to be accomplished in the higher realms.

Michael literally cut a veil tonight and 144 dimensions were revealed.

He stated that Creation had been obstructed through the war or fight for creation, by many beings. Many have wanted to own this universe and that currently, the fight or resolve is ending, as it is being given back to the Trinity of God. Beings that did not have the highest good in mind for our world have been fighting to take it over and use it for reasons that are not of God. The war has been going on a long time, but Michael says that a resolve is happening with Creator tonight.

We will have shifted this by Friday and due to this resolve, fantastic energies will enter and we will all begin to restore in Creator's arms.

Many have been in this war or state of flight/fight, whether they are aware of it or not. We are each a part of the cosmic whole or egg and our unique contribution has made it possible for this war to end over creation and move earth and creation to greater heights.

Michael says it ends tonight and that we are at the last stand in consciousness right now.

Michael says this resolve is "fantastic" and it will result in the end of war. There will be no more fighting, or opposition, for in the new land, all is one and one for all. Justice is supreme and all is fair. There is true divinity and equality. Respect is ever present as is pure love and trust.

Mother Mary came forward to offer her condolence and support. She has been in great grief over what her children have gone through and she says that as more and more frequency fences are torn down, we will begin to see the light of day, within our own eyes. Our eyes will sparkle again like rainbows and it will be safe to give and receive love again. She is on our side and she says be prepared as this resolve not only affects our world, but all worlds in this creation. Much has been riding on the earth's creation, for she affects the greater whole. This is why we are all here.

Mary, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, Michael, Ashtar, Hilarion, Melchizedek, Christ Michael and so many others are here to support us now, worldwide as we move beyond suffering, into the Light of Day.

Thank you to all creation beings for your support. This is indeed universal and we are indeed winning back creation again. Michael says, "There is not a dry eye in the house," which means many are seeing for the first time.

Thank you.

Love, Michele Denman



Michele Denman <> Thu, 20 Sep 2007 00:29:37


We had a breakthrough! The Nibiruan Council came in and they got it, they got it!

Immediately, the guides started singing Christmas Carols, "The Twelve Days of Christmas," and "Hark the Herald Angels Sing." Soon, everyone will find presents under the tree and their stockings. It's like Christmas because there has been A COSMIC BREAKTHROUGH!

They are shooting lights at us so fast now and beaming us up!

They were a very important key in our awakening and contact with them is beginning to return us to the Stars.

Quan Yin is Thrilled, as is Ashtar, for this Cosmic Breakthrough!

Lights are flashing everywhere and they are heralding in JOY!

Joy! Joy! They are saying and presents for all. It is indeed the greatest gift of All as Cosmic Joy is returning and the Energies of the SUN! WOW! We are beaming now and joyfully returning!

The Nibiruans are solving something so key right now! Thank YOU!

We are beaming into the Sun now as they have resolved something SO KEY!

Victory! Cosmic Pulses! Ashtar says, "Yes!"

Love, Michele Denman