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Ascension Lessons From Lady Masters - "Cloning"

Schaji Master Lady Lemlet

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weekly lessons.

The following lesson was given on November 8, 2007 by  Sehaji Master Lady Lemlet:

I am Lemlet and today I would like to speak to you about clones. Discovering if any clones are in your current day life and, if so, how you might want to consider working with them.

First of all I would like to state that clones are real. They have been in existence for eons and the fact that you don't know about them to any great extent is due to the lack of truth given to you by way of your media, which is greatly controlled by those with their own personal agendas.

Almost everything has already been cloned on your world...people, animals, plants, name it. This has been kept a secret from you because those scientists who are cloning fear that if or when you find out, that you will violently rebel against their actions. There is probably great truth in that. Especially since it is now fairly widely recognized that clones do not have souls and cannot, unless by direct order by Creator God Itself.

Since it is known that soulless creatures do not have the direct connection with Creator God Itself, it is also known that clones even though they "look" exactly like they original, they are not. For not only is the soul missing, but also missing is the ability to greatly love, feel compassion and receive intuition from your higher self. A clone is only interested in its survival and the objectives that were programmed into it and clones do not have the life longevity of a souled being.

Now, you might ask why clones were created in the first place. My point of view or perspective is that they serve a great purpose in helping to create the conditions necessary for soul growth. In other words, without clones in positions of power on this planet, it would have taken a very long time for souled beings to create challenges for themselves in which they can learn the lessons necessary for them to realize that they truly are a piece of Creator God, with many of the abilities of creation, compassion and love that that implies.

Clones in reality are just a speeding up of biology with a little programming thrown in. Your scientists have been able to do this for almost 50 years. Yes, almost 50 years!

Of course, they learn more and more as time and experience allows, but the techniques have been basically perfected for decades, at least since the early '60s.

Now you might ask if you know anybody who might be a clone. I would have to answer, "YES." You would be absolutely amazed at how much all of you have been kept in the dark, not only about clones and cloning but about many other things as well. For the most part all of you have been living in a world of grand illusion where you are fed information that creates or confirms what you believe to be right or true according to your basic nature and that is non-threatening as well.

I am not saying these things to frighten you at all, but it is time for everyone to wake up and to see things more clearly.

Those of you with a spark of Creator God have nothing to fear. Even if attacked by someone, anyone, if you follow your instincts and react without thought in self-defense, you will be fine. Your Guide or Guardian Angel is always with you. As I said, clones have very strong survival instincts. If a souled individual says to his attacker,

"I call upon the God within you to stop this!"

a souled attacker might truly stop. A clone will not stop his attack.

Still, I repeat, most of you have absolutely nothing to fear. How often in the past five years have you gotten into a knock down, drag out fight? Most of you would say decades, not years. Most of you haven't fought since you were teenagers and some of you not even then.

So, are there any clones that you might need to be warned of? YES. There are many clones in your governments and military especially. And, yes, many of them are in leadership positions.

Perhaps some of you saw the photo on the Internet about a year ago showing President Bush in his pickup truck in Texas with a black box on the back of his shirt. Well, that box, although rumored to be a receiver for advice from someone telling him what to say to the press and other people, was really part of a programming device because this was a new clone put in place. As of today, President Bush has had 47 replacement clones activated to keep the illusion going that he is still alive and functioning. The soul that was this president, is no longer in this realm. Some might say he is in "limbo" while others would explain that he has gone to where all souls go upon death of their physical body. Anyway, he is dead and so are his mother, father and wife.

I know this will come as a shock to many of you, maybe even most of you, but Dhyana asked me to speak honestly and with as much detail as I thought wise. After all, our goal here is ascension by increased consciousness of All That Is and clones are a part of All That Is.

Again I state, there is nothing to fear about clones, even though they now exercise great power over you in all aspects of your lives. They could, however, present a danger should you allow their continuance in such power, because they will always use power for self gain and not for the good of the whole. So, what can you do about it? TAKE THEIR POWER AWAY. STAND IN YOUR OWN POWER AND TAKE THEIRS AWAY!

This is actually a very timely message because you are about to hear about massive banking fraud on a global basis that perhaps you had the inkling of an idea about or a gut feeling about, but felt that it was a crazy idea and probably not true. Well, I am here to tell you today that it IS true and most of this has been created by the programmed clones.

Mother Earth and her inhabitants have now come to the point where each one must decide for his or herself whether s/he wants to ascend or to stay behind with the clones and the 3-D world. For the most part, you have already ascended, for ascension is about the raising of vibrations and not about instantly disappearing from the face of the earth. You can tell you have shifted your vibrations because you are more awake and no longer satisfied being lead around by your nose by the so called "powers that be". You are starting to realize that they have greatly misused the powers you gave them and that you are constantly and consistently lied to by all of them.

Almost all of the most powerful people in the world are clones: the U.S. President, the U.S. Vice President, almost all of the U.S. Senate, almost all of the U.S. Congress, most heads of government on a State and even City level, especially the big cities. The Queen of England is a clone, the Pope, the heads of "most" religions and evangelical movements, the heads of major banks, Henry Kissinger, etc. In other words, if any souled being gets to a position of power and refuses to follow all of the rules given to them by the true controllers of this planet, they are killed and replaced by a clone of them.

Now, I need to bring you back again to the point of why this all has been a good thing for you to experience.

In the past you souled beings have been sleeping on the job, so to speak. You came here to learn, to face adversity and learn about the dark and light sides of yourself. You have all done that very well for a long time, but in the past 50 to 100 years, you got lazy or tired of the effort that it takes to continually unfold.... so you took a break.

You decided, especially after World War II, that you were tired of always having to fight for everything you wanted to experience or learn. You then created an after the war boom, got yourself new homes, new cars and invented television to distract you from your everyday life.

Well, the dark saw you falling for the good life and decided to put your consciousness to sleep even more. It's easy to do when someone is tired of fighting all of the time. Humans are basically all LOVE. Anything that is not love is very difficult to be around... or at least it was back then. Now it seems that society has a great tolerance for cruelty, pain and suffering. Wars and football are good examples. Anyway, the people started to be really manipulated about 1945. The dark has been active much, much longer, but their efforts were more subtle then.

In truth, your famous Constitution of the United States of America has been undermined since about 15 years after it was created. But that is another story.

To continue, since about 1945 the dark has made great strides in lulling the public into a false sense of security, while robbing them blind on almost all fronts, from banking to drugs, to health care, to education, to media information, to wars and the true reasons for them, to inventions that could get you off oil and even give you free energy, to the discovery of important historical artifacts which would inform you of your true place not only as spiritual beings, but as brothers and sisters of many galactic races.

I don't have the time or space to go into all of the lies you've been told when what I really want for you is to WAKE UP! Get on your computers, go to your libraries and read some controversial books, not just main stream ones that tout old ideas and old ways of doing things. I'm not saying to just jump toward something because it is new, but to at least learn about what is available out there and decide for yourself if you want it in your life. You won't get much truth from your media, so you must seek it out yourself then discern whether or not it is true for you.

One more tricky thing you lonely ones are going to have to decide for yourself is whether or not you would ever have a clone for a lover or a mate. Yes, that is the latest talk about cloning on your planet so that you will be more open to accepting clones as friends.

Clones can be programmed to be extremely compatible to you and perhaps seem to be a perfect mate. However, I must warn you that any children from such a bonding would probably be soulless and unchallenged by another soul, you would probably not learn much about yourself that would help you to quickly continue your spiritual ascension.

Hoping you are not all in shock, I am Lemlet and I thank you for sharing this time with me.


This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety and proper credit is given. Thank you.