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Messages from Oz

Elizabeth Hays

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Messages from Oz

26th June 2003

My thoughts turned to my protectors as I settle down for the night. Tonight I feel angelic energies around me and these thoughts I write down express that energy.

Justification of sorrow is never justified if caused by ill-intent.

You look to tomorrow only to find sadness.

Take heart.

Take light – it wearies you not.

The light, dear friend, shall be your lot.

Remember when we come to stay,

Will be the best, the only way.

And so you shall see what others can’t,

Your past, your future, in one, the lot.

We come to teach and learn from you.

We “dips our lid” in Cockney term,

Our deep respect and love for all,

Shall be the reason we come to all.

And so you shall be as one,

The voice, the choice, what you become.

Your antics scare and show us ways,

That do not please the heaven’s plans;

But bear with us and be attuned,

Your joy and love and life complete,

Tis time to speak, tis time to shout,

To tell them all what it’s about.

Now don’t look back and don’t you frown,

There’s much at stake, no “going down”.

It’s time to be alive and free of so much hate, to them belong.

We are not theirs, but God’s alone, t’is our choice not to go with them.

Their claws are out as they relent, their time on earth, at last is spent.

So join with me in this joyful song,

that ones like you can come along.

We have a promise to fulfil,

we have desire to bear no ill,

To anyone, or being or kind,

who tried to make us slaves and bind.

Our sorrow now at last is past,

We joyfully accept our past,

And offer to you what we have,

To pave the way to future paths.

When one is free to choose a life, or

Even choose a death, to future ways

That offer hope and dignity – we toss away

The sorrow sought and embrace

The energies of light.

This, I believe was inspired by Archangel Ariel – lion of God.

Ariel’s concerns on earth, is to oversee the sprites, the nature angels which maintain a healthy environment near oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and ponds.

Perhaps some of you are unfamiliar with some of the terms I use in the phrases. Our spirit friends trigger words in my head which I recognize and use constantly, and some of those come from different countries, such as English Cockney. There are many phrases that Cockney’s use to mean things, as the one I used above, “dips me lid”, meaning I take my hat off to you, or meaning, I have great respect for you.

The transcription above refers to the requirement by us to forgive the past and welcome the future. Some of us have many reasons to hate and want revenge, for deeds done, or seen to be done [commissions of guilt] or indeed omissions or things not done that should have been if there was justice. Only by “lightening” ourselves by accepting and spreading the light, can we hope to fulfill our destiny. I am sure many know we all choose to be incarnated and we also choose the time we are to be born and with which parents and environment, to give the soul the best chance to advance by learning the experiences of that lifetime.

It is absolutely no gain by denying you have the right to choose. You did! You have, many times. We all do. We are drawn to other souls of similar energy. So if you want to advance, LIGHTEN UP. Associate with people you know are “lightworkers”. Fill yourselves with light through meditation and eat the right foods that give you light.

Did you know our body cells are filled with hydrogen? Do you know what that is. Yes, LIGHT. By filling up the cells with toxins and rubbish, we dim our light. We have a wonderful ability to become Lighter by eating and drinking correct foods. You will find you will be able to meditate better too. The messages become clearer. Don’t forget to bless your food before you eat. This little known reason for ritual is very important to help clear dark energies that may still surround the food we use as sustenance. Thank the animal that gave its life for your life, the devas and sprites that helped sustain the vegetables and plants and the sun for providing the life within them.

Don’t forget to feed the body that houses the soul.

It is like having an apartment, if you don’t pay the rent, you will get thrown out!