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Commander Adama's Update for August 16th 2007

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l they can do for now is sit motionless and watch their empire collapse right in front of their eyes!

This week we saw the announcement of Karl Rove's resignation. This is very big news! He was a key player in the dark cabals agenda. And this won’t stop here. Many more may soon follow his decisions! The time all of us have been waiting for is finally here!

The prosperity funds are also being wrapped up and will be distributed to its members VERY soon! Everything for it is set in place and all that’s left is for the packages to be sent out! Those who are members or gifting list recipients, I urge you to start thinking about what you are going to do with the money you will receive. Do you have a humanitarian project you want to create? Do you want to spread some of your money to family members? Friends? Charities? These are all questions that I suggest you find the answer to.

I would like to speak about one of my GF contacts who I speak with daily before I continue. Her name is Sonsara and is Andromedan. She is my sister on a soul level. She works within the Medical Team Fleet as a nurse but due to her current pregnancy, she isn’t as involved as she wished to be. She has a message for every light worker on Mother Earth.

Sonsara –

Guio to all inhabitants of Mother Earth! I wish to send a message to all who shall read this. The message is filled with love and light from all of us within the Galactic Federation of Light. The message is simple. Relax! A lot of people seem to doubt whether the events you have been waiting for will ever happen. To that, I shall answer with a quote. “What is divinely right to happen shall occur when the divine energy of love and light engulf the coming manifestation.” Do you feel that has happened? You all need not to worry! This is the final stretch! I would ask that everyone stay calm, yet focused to what is about to occur. Whether you struggle with health, finances, or anything else, you all need to know that now is the time to put that in the back of your minds. The solutions to all of those things will be handed to every one of you! Once the prosperity funds are distributed, worldwide prosperity will become a reality in the blink of an eye! To all the wondrous people of Earth, please relax! Don’t strain yourself to survive. Know that the time for the golden age has arrived and the hard part is nearing a close! From this day on, the future shall shine onto you with a great wondrous light that will joyfully bring you to the state heavenly decreed by the Spiritual Hierarchy! Full consciousness! We all cannot wait for the coming ceremony of First Contact. You all have succeeded! You all need to know that! I shall take my leave now. Soon, there wont be any need for updates as we will be on your shores embracing your love. Eckon tu!

Thank you, my sister, for your uplifting message!

Now let me continue…

The prosperity fund disbursement along with the removal of the dark cabal will be a simultaneous one-two knock out punch. I have recently been told of time frames when this event will most likely take place. It is very soon! Now is the time to start preparing. What are you going to do as a light worker to help the people of this planet? Will you educate? Will you help others? What is your path? Now is the time to discover all of this.

This is the information for this update! It is short, yet very important and key to reuniting with our space families. We are close!

Currently, I am working with a light worker on creating a worldwide humanitarian project that will help reconstruct the world! Many people around the world need shelter, food, clothing, and most importantly, LOVE! This project will do all of that and much more! I am also working on power point presentations that I will use to help educate the world about the Galactic Federation of Light and First Contact in lectures that I will be giving within the nine month period prior to First Contact. This is my job as a light worker before First Contact.

These are examples of what many can do to help the world as a light worker. Our jobs are to be the way showers. Our role prior to First Contact is the most important of any other on this planet. Why? Because we are the ones who need to help the population of Earth understand what is going to happen and most importantly, why.

Love each other as family, as we are all in this situation together. And together we will succeed.

“Eckon tu” to all!

In Love and Light…always,

Commander Adama