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Relay Relay Relay - Starman

Spirit Eagle

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oy, and Abundance and Love upon your Planet. We have come from many places, from many Galaxies. We have come into an incarnation at this time in order to be more easily accepted by your people as ones who have been born to Earth parents.

Our Soul Aspects have broadened the experiences of Oneness within the Human Family. We bring Love for all Beings upon the Earth. We, likewise bring Truth into the Human Experience and we bring freedom to BE, just Be! We are the Heralds of the New Earth! We Sing the Song of Love and Peace and Great JOY! We Know and Live a Human Life and we know HOW to LIVE IT!!!

I Am You and You Are Me through Eternity! LET GO OF THE PAIN! WE HAVE WON! LOVE IS ALL THERE IS!!! "Good Night Sweet Princess and Flights of Angels See Thee To Thy Rest" Starman

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle Thursday August 30, 2007 9:45 pm