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Relay Relay Relay: Lireal and Ghondor

Spirit Eagle

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he Earth. During the end of the Old World, hold fast to all of the New. Center yourselves and be calm and strong in the knowing that you are Already where you have wished to be! Good Night! Rest Well for there is much to do! Lireal

You have been Busy Bees coping with the Transmuting Energies? It is as it should be! You are getting ready for your Grand Entrance into your New World! You Are Coming Full Circle, Back To You! Many are meeting again, after lifetimes and Ages! There will be a familiararity about one another. You will Know! Dance into the New, and do it with Great Joy and Enthusiasm! We are with you in all that you do! Sleep in the Arms of the Great Mother! Your Old Friend, Ghondor

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle July 25, 2007 12:05 am