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Relay Relay Relay - August 20, 2007

Spirit Eagle

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have gone before. Your Path is strewn with flowers of Divine Ecstasy! What you Feel now is only a taste of what awaits you All! We will also be on your Planet after a Time! We watch. We wait to Welcome you back to the Stars and to your Star Family! We are Mon tak ka and Ariel. Good Night and Good Day to you all. We are waiting along with You! Lift yourselves up in Joy with Us! We Walk beside you! We walk behind you! We walk to the sides of you! We are above you; we are below you. We are within you! WE ARE ONE!!!!!!!!!! The Lights that you see are US!!!! You have great joy, do you not? THIS IS HOW YOU WILL BE IN THE NEAR FUTURE! Be in the moment Now where your Joy Resides!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle August 20, 20007 10:01 pm