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Relay Relay Relay - Mira

Spirit Eagle

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ncarnated on Earth before and they are able to break through the barriers that have prevented Humanity as a whole to Live the Truth of Who They Are. They are the Teachers of Non-resistance. They are the Bearers of Love Divine. They are the Adventurers whose feet tread the path of non-duality.

Give yourselves the Gift of Joy and the Abandonment of Pain! BE WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE! Trust that you ARE enough! Be in this Moment in Time.

We ask that you Remember With The Heart of a Child that you Are Blessed, that you Are Loved, that you Are Protected and that you Are Safe in every aspect of Your Being.

We, of the Galactic Federation of Light warmly welcome you into Our Family. The Forerunners of Our Family are Already With You! Observe, Learn from and Love these Precious Ones as We Love You! I am Mira. I am on the Twin Star and we are over Africa at this time. Good Night; Be At Peace!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle August 11, 2007 12:52 am