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Message #29 From Ishtar - November 10

Elizabeth Hays

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Ishtar Message #29 Nov 10

Ships come in across the “sea” to port.

Mystery ships filled with promises

Come fly with us across this “sea”

You’ll not regret to share your lot

Company sweet, company fair

Your keep you’ll seek and want to share.

No cares on board, you’ll find us yet,

We’re here at last, now all is set.

Lots to learn and lots to see.

You’re welcome now so come, it’s free.

Worry not we know you are

About your life on earth so fair.

But think a bit, life’s different now

Changes come and changes “wow”

Will bring destruction gloom and fear,

T’is not the place to tarry here.

So lift your face up to the skies

You make a choice now do be wise

We offer safety, food to share

Many new skills, some to bear

Most will be new pleasures sought

That fill your new life compensate.

Others may choose that to stay

Will bring about your travel naught

To [hollow earth] fair and company

Will be a new life living there.

This is yet another message about the changes coming on earth that will require a choice of where we will go. Some will stay on earth or maybe below for safety in the region known

as hollow earth. The name I picked up was Telos, but I am unsure whether that means the same as hollow earth, so I substituted what I know they meant.

I believe they are talking about many, many earth humans beings teleported to the huge star ships around earth at present, when the time comes for the cleansing of earth as we know it. Some believe it will be a huge upheaval for a while and it may make living on the surface untenable. However the star ships it would seem by many others, to be so colossal as to have room a’plenty on board for not only the humans, but to provide food for all in vast areas where they grow it on board the ships. I have been told that there are many “floors” in the huge ships, and I do mean huge, that whole cities are possible.

Some of us may choose to return to our planetary origins and others to stay and work to help others.

Since writing this, I have since discovered that there is indeed an Inner Earth city called Telos. Ishtar has also returned several times to tell us more about Telos in other messages. I also have had telepathy from another inhabitant of Inner Earth, Lady Sinoon which is Message # 37.