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Spirit Eagle

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people of the Earth continue to wake up to the True Reality of what has driven those in power, the revelations will come that will shock the people into Claiming Their Sovereignty Forevermore!

We know that existence in 3rd Dimensional Time can be acutely painful for those of you who are awaiting the Announcements and Actions. We can only remind you to focus on what you want on your New Earth Mother, and how you all want to live in Harmony, in Oneness and Freedom for All Beings on your world!

Be the Meta Human Now! Live as though you are on the New Earth in This NOW! Be the one who puts a smile on another's face! Spread your Joy, your Peace, and Compassion! Be NOW WHO you want to be in your future! Open yourselves to Joy and Beauty! See that Beauty in every moment and in EVERYTHING upon your Earth Mother! By thus doing, YOU ARE CREATING YOUR NEW REALITY! We Paschat Warriors look forward to our Grand Reunion with you! Good Night and Rest in the Arms of the Great Mother Goddess!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle Wednsday October 3, 2007 2:12 am