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Master Kuthumi Update - Clearing and a Robooting of Your Spritual Self

Ron Thorpe

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attached to me. The resultant upliftment was instantaneous and a few minutes later this message came through from Master Kuthumi as I searched the web as I daily do. The Sacred Cerimony of exorcism and protection that this message carries within is another great milestone in my life and I hope you who I send this off to can also acheive the upliftment I feel right now. Carry through to the end. Blessings and Light, Ron

Master Kuthumi Update Aug 21/07

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom, to greet each of you this morning and to bring unto each of you the blessings of trust, insight, receptivity and awareness. Greetings, Beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each one of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the Heart of Christ, and securely upon the Hands of God.

Beloved ones, as we gather with you in the presence of the Christ Light, we extend our Light, our Love and our Support to each of you in the creation of the geometric grids and energy formations that shall contribute to the clearing process you shall experience today.

The attachment of entities is something that is not paid much attention to. There is not much that is spoken about it either; however, it is important that people be aware of how the energies outside of the self, and through the self, impact on your life. There are a number of forms of entity attachments, a number of different types of entities, and these energies are able to interact with the 3rd dimension. Their realms within the 4th dimensional astral belt, is a realm that feeds the darkness, if we can call it this, of their consciousness - the awareness of the dark self, i.e. the awareness that exists within the unenlightened self. Darkness is only ever the absence of light, and when light particles become stagnant darkness ensues. Therefore to transmute darkness all one really needs to do is simply get the light particles active again. This is done through the powerful Law of Attraction through the Laws of Intention and conscious co-creation. This not only applies to the external world, but very much to yourself as well. You have heard of trapped souls, lost souls, you have heard of entities in the forms of other creatures - reptilians, Draconians, greys, and many others. These are simply names given to a force that chooses to focus on darkness. Now that I have explained what darkness is, perhaps you will understand how it is that darkness comes into being and why.

When any person, regardless of who they are, regardless of their spiritual development, emotional or mental development chooses to focus primarily on darkness, or anything that lacks light, they stand the risk of attracting entities. That is not the only thing that attracts entities though; there are also many, many Lightworkers who attract the attention of such beings because of the amount of light emitted. These entities, even though they focus on darkness by choice, have an inner desire to be set free. But, because they do not know how, they remain within the quagmire of that darkness, desiring the light. The moment the light is seen they will gravitate toward it, and this is why we have said to Lightworkers on numerous occasions, that one needs to be emotionally mature, mentally mature, and spiritually mature within equal balance, because you can be as spiritually advanced as any of the greatest gurus on the planet but if you are in a state of emotional arrested development at the age of 5 and you spend your life reacting from the ego - entities will attach to that energy. And in fact it is the immature Lightworkers on an emotional level, or on a mental level, that run the greatest risk of entity attachment simply because the light of the spirit catches their (entities’) attention, they come forward, and oh my goodness, what a feast, because the emotionally or mentally unintelligent aspects of self, are delving in the darkness, dabbling with all of those negative energies. So, you are literally a buffet of both sweet and sour, main meal and pudding so to speak! (Laughter)

Many have said "But if I don't pay attention to entities then why should they interfere with me?" Yes, that is correct. However, if you are focusing in any area of your life, on the limitations, the negativities, then you run the risk of an entity attaching to you. So, all the teachings that have come forward, all of the books that are available, and now even "The Secret" which I am sure all of you can see very clearly consists of all the messages that I, Kuthumi, and many of the other Ascended Masters have been delivering for the past 50 years to humanity through a number of channels. It's all there - all the tools are at your disposal, and every single person has access to it now. The coming of "The Secret" so to speak, is the confirmation that mass consciousness is being given the opportunity to break free.

This has come about as a result of some of the "plug" removals that have taken place. I would like to just cover a bit of that topic before I continue explaining entity attachments. "Plugs" are implants that were placed within you at various times throughout your evolution. These have been placed there by a number of different entities for a number of different reasons, the main reason of course being to keep you in a state of dis-empowerment, to keep you a victim. But now you all know that you are only a victim once, and after that you volunteer for the experience. (Laughter) Just in case you were beginning to say "oh yes, I have been a victim, poor me!" (Laughter)

The removal of these plugs has taken place over a long period of time now at an accelerated rate, and most of you have had this automatically done by your personal guides. I, Kuthumi have performed this personally and there have been a number of other systems and modalities that have facilitated the release of these implants; the memory blockers, if you like. These were inserted within different areas of the body and interfered with the central nervous system, and the body's ability to read energy in it’s surroundings. The dormancy of certain levels of the nervous system, and in fact the majority of the brain, has kept humanity ignorant regarding the power of the soul in a human body, therefore the power of the human. All of this is changing now; it has already been in a state of change and all of you are able to maintain these changes.

The "plugs" from the 7 main chakras will all be removed today, and with the help of the Pleiadian Masters and Lord Melchizedek with the sacred geometric formations that shall be brought forth, the next 33 days will be a process of simply dismantling all of these "plugs" so to speak, or transmuting the plug into a key, which in itself is a very powerful process. You have completed what is called the "Kali Yuga" - The Great Sleep. This ended a long time ago, and the more you have worked with yourself the closer you have come to reclaiming that full awareness, full consciousness, full memory recall. This memory recall will be attained in your current incarnation, if you choose so. And you will choose so simply by making the simple choice to practice the Divine Principles of Attraction, and becoming the master of your life.

Most of you have been exposed to a great deal of my teachings. And over the past 3 years specifically, my teachings have focused on guiding you, directing you into the self, into those places of power where "The Secret" as they now call it, exists. And now we tell you, you are going to find THE secret about "The Secret", and perhaps there will be some deeper secrets about the secret of "The Secret". (Laughter) Doesn't this sound like a bit of an add on to the "Da Vinci Code"? Yes? (more laughter) Everyone adding their opinion and so on and so forth, so let us jump in before that starts! We are going to give you the secret within the secret and all their secrets! (peals of laughter) Perhaps you would like to divulge a few secrets? Make up your own secret, but of course it is no longer a secret because everyone knows about it! So why do they call it "The Secret"? Any clue? Me neither! (much laughter)

Understanding that the lighter side of life is what keeps energy flowing is what will lead you into the realms of full memory recall. Humour, laughter, lightness are all the key ingredients to maintaining those foundations you are creating for yourself. One of the reasons I have been emphatic over the last while about bringing forth information regarding the blackness of gossip, judgement, criticism and ridicule of others is for this reason. You cannot come into a full state of memory if you are holding on to darkness. When you sit in judgement of another, you are indulging in darkness. When you gossip about others, you are dabbling in darkness. When you sit with envy and hatred in your heart towards another you are dabbling in darkness. Jealousy, greed, lust; all of those vices are the portals to the dimensions of darkness. You have been on an intensive journey of moving away from those dimensional influences and into the fluid universe, which is what all the 6th dimensional work was all about that I delivered to you not so long ago.

The anchoring of the fluid universe - the 6th Ray of Fluid Love was a part of that, and perhaps those of you were participating at that time will remember that we said that no one will be able to access the true abundance of the Christ Consciousness through the 8th dimension unless, they come through the 6th dimension of fluid love. Everything we say is with purpose, because we are working with the bigger picture. We give you pieces of the puzzle, and we help you put it all together; all that we ask of you is that you listen, trust us, and apply what you are learning. Even in the moments when you think to yourself that your spiritual pathway is in actual fact a cosmic joke, and you have been the centre of the theme of the universe's humour; or this channels favourite one - God has lost His marbles and turning her world upside down looking for them! (Laughter)

All of it this has a purpose; Spirit never acts without a purpose. There are an infinite number of plans coming together. There is a Plan A, most of you have a Plan B and C, the Universe goes all the way to Plan Z! (Laughter) There is never ever an aspect overlooked; everything is considered. Therefore when we suggest to you to take time to retreat, we are saying it for a reason. When we ask you to rest your body, to pay attention to what your body is feeling, we are saying it for a reason. When we say to you gossip, criticism, judgment, rejection & ridicule is black magic, we mean it. And this is not only when you project it to others; it is even worse when you do it to yourself. Don Miguel Ruiz, who anchored the teachings of "The Four Agreements", acknowledges and reiterates the teachings of the Masters that gossip is the blackest magic of all because words are so powerful.

Now let me paint a picture here for you, beloved ones. Words are power, because they embody vibrations, vibrations that you might not necessarily feel, or even understand. But you do feel the effects of the vibrations of these words. When someone whom you care deeply for says "I love you", your body responds in a positive manner. If something negative is said to you by the same person, your body goes into shock, it withdraws and feels emotional and often even physical pain. It is the vibration of those words as well as your understanding of the definition of those words that hurts you. Now that's what it does when it is done face to face. When people sit amongst themselves with the sole purpose of gossiping about other people's lives, simply because they do not particularly like their lifestyle, or the way they choose to think, or because they are jealous of the person, envy, or do not understand the person, then you are playing with fire. That energy creates the formation, the vibration of that energy is a callout to entities - "Hello, here I am, come and get me, I have some "food" for you, a whole big bowl of some really nice, yummy negative energy!" This is something that all need to be aware of.

Now it goes even bigger than that. How many times have you walked into your supermarket and there are magazines all over the place screaming out "LATEST GOSSIP!"? What energy is that emitting, huh? What is it inviting you to do? It is inviting you to get involved in the drama of other peoples lives, people you do not even know! It is distracting you from the purpose of your life, distracting you from what is important for you. It is much easier to hone in on, and harp on other people's issues and point out how bad they are, how insecure they are, how out of integrity they are, and have broken down certain things which you believe were broken down, which you believe was lacking in integrity. Yet, you do not know the full essence of that individual's life. If you are speaking about someone who's had an affair and you judge them, "Oh my goodness, I thought he was so spiritual and so committed" or "Oh my goodness, I thought she was a healer, and look what she has just done". What do know about their lives, and the circumstances that lead to their behaviour? You know nothing of it. You are focusing on the surface, and when you do this you open the trap doors of the 4th dimensional astral plane and you literally invite the negative energies in to join in on your gossip.

The other thing that you are doing - now that you know about The Secret and the Law of Attraction this should be easy - the words that you are speaking, you are speaking into existence for yourself! So what happens is, other people are going to gossip about you, point fingers at you, reject you and accuse you of being out of integrity, etc! Why do you think that is? Because you have spoken it into existence, you have focused on that, and you have woven magic. You have created your own black magic. This makes room for entities to attach and feed off the energy that you have created in that environment. The person or people whom you are judging, criticising or gossiping about, is then under psychic attack from you, and you will be held responsible for that. Every person participating in the activity of gossiping, etc. has incurred karma with that person, and it will have to be balanced. So, gossiping creates negative karma for you.

The person who is energetically at the receiving end is impacted upon dramatically, so much so that they can become physically ill. Have you ever been at the receiving end of someone’s criticism, accusations, judgments and gossip? Or should I rather ask, is there anyone here who has never experienced that? Is there anyone here?

Group reply: No

I didn't think so. How did it feel? I'm sure that if you think back now you will be able to recall that it may have felt like all the energy was drained from your body, as if you became weak - shock, disbelief, sadness, grief, anger, guilt, and shame - all of these emotions inside of you. And these are the exact same emotions that are evoked in others if and when you do the same thing. So, entities attaching themselves is done in the twinkling of an eye, and they have greater access to you than you realize. It is vital that you understand the subtleties of attracting them into your space. I must add at this point that when one is speaking to one other person, maximum 2 other people about an issue you have, someone else, or your thoughts or your feelings regarding the actions of another, or getting something off your chest so to speak, it is a different scenario, because your intention is not to gossip or attack, your intention is to release, to have a shoulder to cry on, someone to give you perhaps some directives, insights or clarity around what you are feeling. In some cases it will require you and 3 other people so that the structure of the 4 elements is in place. You always bring Spirit into that situation where Spirit mediates the energies and facilitates the transmutation. But if you have an issue with someone and you are speaking to perhaps one, two or three of your very best friends, or a very good friend and a therapist, that is fine. But then going on to every other Dick, Tom and Harriet, speaking about the so called injustice that this person did to you …well then my beloved darlings, you are gossiping! You are creating psychic slush which will attract to you an entity to feed off of that energy. Plain and simple. Is this clear to all of you?

Group response: Yes

Very well. The other reason behind me giving you this information is because you do not have to waste your precious energy and precious time focusing on the dramas of other people's lives, when there is so much in your own life that requires your attention. And it may not necessarily be issues that need to be fixed; that energy you can use creatively instead. That is energy you can use to fuel your life, to be inspired, to come up with new creations, new ideas, to invest that energy in your life, in your service work, in your healing practice, in your career, or whatever it is you choose to do. Draw that energy into YOU and direct it along the flow of your purpose and your plan. Remember, being lured into conversations about other people's lives, other than in a healing situation, is being tempted to ignore your own life. You are being distracted from what is important. So, negativity literally drives you to distraction. By ignoring the self you drive yourself to distraction; fearing silent time with the self drives you to distraction; fearing creation drives you to distraction. Fear period, drives you to distraction.

So, an entity is let in. What does it do? It attaches to you through the most vulnerable chakra, usually the solar plexus or the sacral chakra. After a period of time you feel listless, depressed, angry, everything is irritating you, everyone you see irritates you, and everybody's issues irritate you, and the more irritated, frustrated and angry you become the more delicious a meal you are! So that entity will ensure that your focus remains on more negativity because that's what feeds it. As much as it desires the light, it needs what keeps it alive - your fear, your negativity.

Anything angry attracts negativity. Now, I am speaking not about having a bad day, or a bad few days. When it goes on and on and on, then you have a 98% chance that there is an entity attached. Sometimes, entities attach through a living space. Entities may be within spaces you physically enter into. It could be a home you move into, land you are living upon, a place you visit, even driving through an area that you sense as being extremely heavy and dark has these negative presences. They exist because negativity exists. They will latch onto you if you choose to harp on negatives and I repeat, this does not apply to having a bad day or a bad week, but during that time I urge you to do something about it, to take yourself through a process to get to the depths of what is aggravating you. There are a number of modalities, and I know most of you already have your therapists that you visit. Keep them busy, thats what they are there for! This will clear you.

The lighter you keep yourself, the more difficult it is for them to attach. Why? Because the vibrations of light are so fast and so high they are unable to attach to it because their frequency is a lot denser than that of light, so there is no means to "hook in", or to latch on, or extend a cord into any of your vulnerable chakras. Many times entities use situations where drugs are involved; even where excess alcohol consumption is involved, that brings about this creation. This particular creation is a kind of template, a signature, a calling card if you like, that alerts the entity to your availability. Now, utilizing drugs and the over-indulgence of alcohol on a regular basis is very dangerous. Alcohol consumption creates a channel within the body which passes through all the chakras and as it passes through these chakras it leaves a seed of negativity. Therefore alcohol consumed on a regular basis plants these seeds. You are conceiving these seeds through the excessive alcohol because of it's vibration and in terms of what it does to the body, which causes the degenerative process.

Now drugs have a different effect on the body to alcohol. Where alcohol has a more physical effect drugs work on many other levels, and impact on the 3rd eye and crown chakras the most. It begins the degeneration of the pituitary and the pineal glands impacting tremendously on the hypothalamus. This moves into the cerebral cortex of the brain where another degenerative process begins. Now if drugs and alcohol are being consumed together, all the brain cells that are being dehydrated swell to allow for more of this negative energy to enter into the body. A dehydrated body is very vulnerable to negative energy as well. Now when the brain is so toxic and intoxicated by both the substances, oh my goodness, you have literally opened the gates to hell, so to speak. Especially with individuals who have no idea what they are opening themselves up to.

Many have said using mind altering drugs, when you know what you are doing, is safe. No it's not, especially if there are still traumas locked in your body. If you still have deep wounds, you are running the risk of opening yourself up to something that you may not know how to deal with. Alcohol does not have the same impact as drugs do; what we say is, be very careful of any individual coming to you under the guise of Spiritual Journey, or any kind of introspective journey utilizing mind altering substances. If you are completely clear in all your processes, then by all means go for it! But if there is any trauma still in your body/cells, then you are putting yourself at great risk, even if there are facilitators holding you in the space. You open yourself to the astral world where things exist that you cannot even comprehend. The reason they exist is because humanity has brought it into existence through negativity and fear, and each of them build upon themselves. So being in an environment where there is a lot of alcohol consumption, drug abuse, means not only are you partying with your friends but with a couple of invisible buddies too! And who’s to say what's on their menu?! (Laughter)

Most of the alcohol and drug related entities are probably the size of a 2 year old child, yet, the orifice known as the mouth looks like one of your sea creatures called the shark, and this entity literally clamps into the Seat of the Soul, which is located at the back of the neck over the occipital area where the medulla oblongata is. It then feeds a pipe into the Seat of your Soul, all the way into your cerebral cortex, extends it into the pineal gland, into the pituitary gland, and literally sucks the light out of you. It also feeds off all of the information in your brain, it feeds off all of the information in your Cerebral Spinal Fluid because it can tap into your central nervous system. Therefore, it has access to all your parallel existences, and God help any one of your parallel existences having a hard time because, oh my goodness, it is going to pull that negativity into your space as well. Which is why individuals have had so called exorcisms performed where they are literally possessed by aspects of their parallel or alternate selves that have been so traumatised by an event, and then having part of their energy self yanked through time and space and merged with your template. This is also where entities seeking an avenue of expression can take over your energy and direct itself through your life. This has happened and does still happen. This however happens 9,5 out of 10 times to people who do not know what they are doing, playing with energies they do not understand, which is why ignorance is so dangerous.

If you are drawn to anything, research it before you become involved in it. If you are going to go on a holiday, surely you would like to know where you are going, what is there and where you will be staying? If you are going to embark upon a new career, surely you are going to find out more about what that career entails, more about the company you might choose to apply for a job with? In your physical life you do that, why not with the rest? It is just as important. All of this information is very important because you are going to come into contact with individuals who are suffering as a result of entity attachments. It may not be as intense as a possession, but individuals who are so down, depressed and disillusioned with life that they do not know what to do, where to go, or whom to turn to. These are the kinds of people that will be drawn to you. And with this knowledge at your disposal you will be in a position to inform them with vital, valuable information, educating them as well as yourself.

Today’s lesson goes right into the very core of your being, because it is not just about judging or gossiping about another, it is about you. It is also about the intentions that drive you, that become a part of your grid determining your external life. As more and more plugs are removed, the more you remember, the more you become aware of, the more attractive you are not only to physical human beings, but to those other entities as well. You are however empowered with the knowledge that they cannot interfere with you when you know what to do. So, this bit of theory so to speak, is the very important ground plan for you, the foundation that you will work from. I must add, Lord Melchizedek is asking me to repeat to you that it is vital that you do not become involved in other people's drama through gossip, judgment, criticism, ridicule etc, because it will reverse the creation of the sacred geometric forms we are about to create with you. In fact, he is saying that everything that will be done today will either be dismantled or completely reversed by those kinds of energies because it will turn the light particles into dark, stagnant energy. So any kind of density; deliberate density, will stop what you are going to do today.

So beloved ones, be aware of who you place yourself with - that is the power of discernment. Be aware of the conversations you get involved in. Be aware of your reading material, what you watch on your television, because even what you watch on your television, what you hear on your radio, what you read in a book, all influences your thoughts. It is a vibration. You become involved in what is being played out through these mediums and it becomes a part of your reality - which is why humanity experiences the level of violence, victimization, hatred and destruction that it does. Because what does the average human on Planet Earth indulge in most of the time? Just have a look at the top selling movie titles in movie houses, the top selling magazines, the lyrics to the music on your hit parades, and there you have your answer. That is how powerful the Law of Attraction is. That is how powerful you are, every single one of you on Earth, because humanity has created the world you live in. Your world today is an outer reflection of the inner world of every human on the planet.