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Ma-Vidvisavahai is the Secret


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unaktu - Saha viryam karavavahai. Let us be vital together. In togetherness, in coherence, is vitality. And in this vitality is the seed of invincibility, immortality, all possibilities. Saha nav avatu - Saha nau bhunaktu - Saha viryam karavavahai - Tejasvi nav adhitam astu - let's be radiating truth - let's be radiating the light of life. Tejasvi nav adhitam astu - all together we radiate life. Ma vidvisavahai _ Never we shall denounce anyone. Never we shall entertain any negativity from anyone. No conflicts in our families, no conflicts in our thinking, in our behavior. Ma vidvisavahai. We will not create turbulence anywhere. We will not doubt anything. Ma vidvisavahai. It's a very great teaching to maintain togetherness. And in togetherness is maintenance of relationship.. And in this is the maintenance of infinite correlation value, which is the level of immortality. In togetherness is vitality, in togetherness is that value of infinite coherence and therefore we will never be separated. A great teaching for all times.

One group - we are a very powerful group, because we function from that level of invincibility. Immortality - this is our ground - and therefore we are most powerful, we are invincible. But invincible we are as a group. And therefore we shall not allow a taint of difference to become predominant. In our group, some are more intelligent, some are less intelligent, but these more or less are relative values. Our field of existence is not relative, is non-relative, and therefore we do not promote differences. We are like the 5 fingers: one is little thicker, one is little thinner, one is little tinier, one is little taller. All the 5 have different features, but all together make a grip. If they were alike, the grip would not be a grip. We have the grip of pure knowledge - the ability to fulfill all our desires. Now we are sitting with some desires, desires of such great magnitude, that the ordinary man in the streets can simply not desire such a thing. It's only the Governors of the Age of Enlightenment, who have the technique to function from the field of all possibilities. They only can desire. And when we are in this position of desiring, we have that position, because we know how to desire within ourselves, so that deep in ourselves in the process of desiring we go - and the desire will be fulfilled.

We are in a very lucky position, a very fortunate and lucky position, that we are gaining ground on that level of performance that does not require energy or effort. In an effortless way, on which we have mastery now, the effortless natural path of turning inside, we desire - and all the laws of nature will be working for us to fulfill that desire. So when we have that status, that every wish of ours will be fulfilled, we will have wishes that bring peace, prosperity, health in the direction of immortality, all possibilities to every nation, to every family, and to members of every family. That is our capability, because we have known how to function from that level of infinite correlation, where the information flows unrestricted. Our ground is the slippery ground of no friction, a frictionless flow. This is our field of performance - and this is the reason, why we can have any wish and we will collectively come out with its fulfillment. Ma vidvisavahai - we will not entertain any differences. We will sympathize with the abilities of the incapables. Sympathize, sympathy. If our neighbour can't do it, we certainly have the ability to do it, we'll do it. Help thy neighbour is a natural functioning of the laws of nature. All the laws of nature are in our favour and we are growing more and more in the ability to utilize the whole potential of nature, the infinite potential of natural law for the fulfillment of our desires.

That is the reason why we want to have expressed all our desires in our family and then we have it in our hearts. And we'll see that all the desires get fulfilled. MA VIDVISAVAHAI is the secret..........."

GURU PURNIMA----------July 27, 1980----------SEELISBERG, SWITZERLAND