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Archangel Raphael: Why Are We Here On Earth?

Received by Jeane Pothier on 17 June 2007

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I AM Raphael, the Angel of Healing and Transformation. You might ask what I would have to say about this topic, that perhaps it's not in my realm of expertise so to speak. I have requested to be the first being to speak in this new forum to set the tone, set the energy as it were, for future messages and sharings from this realm to yours. This and all messages are gifts that come from us to you, the dear reader. And so we begin this day.

For they knew that if anyone could make a difference in the experience of polarity, it would be you, dear one, it would be you.

When you stood in line dear one, in the Hall of Records, waiting your turn to be chosen or not chosen to come to this earth at this time, you wondered about your abilities, your worth as a Divine Master to do what was being asked of all of you. You wondered if you would have the strength and the endurance to come here and help to facilitate a change of consciousness on a level previously undefined, unheard of even in the highest realms. For the changing of consciousness while existing in polarity, in the density of human matter, was at one time simply a dream, a wild imagining as it were. And this is what you were pondering as you stood in that line of Masters, waiting to be selected.

And others in that line who were in front of you, turned and saw that you were there. And one by one they stepped out of line to allow you to come to the front of the line. For they knew that if anyone could make a difference in the experience of polarity, it would be you, dear one, it would be you.

So the first part of the question answered this day is that you came here to be who you are, to walk the walk of the Master that you truly are. To facilitate a change in human consciousness simply by your very presence on this earth, by living your life and sharing your essence with those around you. You came here because you have done this before. You have made a vast difference in the consciousness of the very galaxy where you now find yourself, although it has been on other planets and at other times. You are one who is a Wayshower, and also a Changer of Worlds.

I ask that you take a moment now and simply breathe in the energy that is present for you now as perhaps you begin to remember a small portion of the vastness that is the grandeur of who you are.

You are here dearest one, to enjoy this experience!

And in the remembering of who you are when you are not here on this earth in physical form comes another part of the answer this day. You are here dearest one, to enjoy this experience! This is not new work for you on this earth. You have accomplished miracles on other worlds, have brought light to others for eons of time! And as you walk this path, this personal journey now in this life, you are here to remember how you did this before. And in those peaceful, quiet moments when you allow yourself to touch the grandness of who you truly are, you will feel this knowledge, feel the energy that is you. And in that moment you will also feel the great joy that you have within that comes to you from the knowing that you were chosen that day. You were chosen that day in the Hall of Records. Out of the countless number of souls who had the desire to come here, to be part of this grand event in the shifting of human consciousness while living in density, without touching Source as we do, without knowing at all times who you are, you were chosen.

You are here on this earth dear one, at this time, to make a difference simply by being here!

You are here on this earth dear one, at this time, to make a difference simply by being here! Your very essence of soul, your very presence in any situation, any time and any place, is what makes the difference in this world, and continues to make a difference. You are valued beyond imagining for the courage and strength and wisdom that it took to volunteer to be here during these tumultuous times. You are loved and supported by All of Creation and all who are here for you in support watch in awe as you facilitate the minute changes that when gathered together, are making a vast difference and change in this world.

Breathe deeply of the love and the compassion that are here for you this day dear one. Know that you are honored and loved beyond imagining. Know that there is no one who does what you do, for you are unique and you are beloved and loved as well.

Do you know this my dearest one? Do you know this now, this day?

I AM Raphael and I am delighted to be with you this day. Take the love and compassion that is shared here this day and hold it close. Hold it like the gem that it is and allow it to shine its light in your dark moments when you are feeling lost and lonely. Use it to remind yourself that you matter, that you are worthy of being here, for you are a chosen one.

And so it is.

About the Channel

Jeane R. Pothier has been doing channeled messages from Spirit for over ten years now via the Internet. Her background includes years of in-depth research into metaphysics, alternative medicine, Shamanism and spiritualism while seeking answers to her own personal questions about these shifting times and the massive changes experienced in her life. The clarity of her energies are foundational for the messages that come through from the other realms, transmitted without editing and changes, bringing through the great love and compassion available to all. To ask your own question go to: