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Solar Flare Activity And Its Effect On The Human Body

The Pleiadian LIght Through Hannah Beaconsfield

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ng. You know what happens when there are electrical surges. Sometimes the effects are minimal. Sometimes it blows fuses, bums out appliances and causes havoc with computers.

While you are not plugged into a current outlet -like your toaster or computer, you are still receiving energy in a more generalized and dispersed way. Applying this to your physical, electrical bodies, the systems most highly dependent on electrical impulse to function, like the heart and brain, in terms of organs, and the neurological network, as a bodily system, are the most likely to be effected.

A kind of low level "fuse blowing" on a neurological level within the brain can cause confusion, faulty memory retrieval, lack of coordination, and an even greater lack of cerebral hemisphere integration and interaction than already exists at your current level of species development. You may experience transient dyslexic effects, or intensified dyslexia, if it is already present.

The effects of a mild surge to the nervous system of the body in even a "diffuse" way, can make the nerves feel very raw and the resulting emotional reaction one of tension and irritability. Some of the irrational and destructive behavior by people who are already on a stressful edge may be influenced by flare activity. Though there are many factors involved in why any individual goes off the "deep end" and acts irrationally, this type of electromagnetic stress on the nervous system can be a contributing factor.

This "flare" factor can also effect domestic and wild animals, causing them to go against their natural behavior. However, this too depends on an accumulation of other stresses as well.

The electrical system of your physical body serves to support the entire functioning of the physical organism, not just the prime sites like heart and brain. Therefore any weakened organ or faulty systemic function you carry as individuals will be furthered stressed by heightened solar flare activity.

Your scientists have been documenting and disseminating information about the effects of solar flares on the body and functioning of Mother Earth, so we will confine our attention to the individual human bodies that -are the extended children of the Earth Mother.

Many different astronomical considerations contribute to the increase of solar flares in terms of frequency and size, but they are still a repetitive not a continuous occurrence. This may be heartening on one hand, for it means -the effects come and go. On the other hand this can create a sense of the whole world suffering from some bipolar derangement. Therefore you need to explore ways to make yourselves more comfortable at the high points of rare activity.

You learned how to handle the force of electricity in a safe and effective way in the technological development of your world, so you have the means of understanding how to make yourself more comfortable during high flare activity.

You know that electricity needs to be grounded to be used safely. This you can do through meditation, visualizing all energy flowing to you and through you as exiting your root chakra and your feet, moving deeply into the Earth. Grounding is of the utmost importance and often wearing Earth tone colors like tan, brown or even black can support these meditations.

Using the conductivity of water to your advantage is also helpful. Keep the body well hydrated. Another use of water to help you handle the excessive energy charges is swimming.

Swimming does three things (at least) that are of great value to the physical body in times of high energy bombardment. One, it releases excess energy from your body into the water, which is a natural conductor. Two, the physical movement of swimming drives the electric currents through the body so it does not accumulate in one area to the detriment of any specific organs, and then moves the excess out. And three, any swimming strokes that approximate the use of alternate arm and leg activity will help to integrate the brain hemisphere functioning.

Even walking, swinging the arms in opposition to the legs is helpful in electrical energy management. In fact, you could stand in a shower and march in place, lifting opposite arms and legs and get the benefits of the water's conductivity and the brain integration movement. However, step carefully, please.

Those who do hand energy work can assist you in moving out uncomfortable levels of electricity, and so can acupuncture, acupressure, and chiropractic. Also certain mineral supplements and metals can help the situation, but we will leave that to holistic practitioners for you need to be monitored in such activities.

Electromagnetic surges are not the only forms of energy hitting the Earth as a result of solar flares but some of the other effects will be "taken care of " through the DNA changes underway in your species.

There is nothing happening on Earth in terms of the dimensional ascension, the species transformation, or astronomical activity that cannot be handled or given comfort. Yes, many of you feel like "The Children of Job" right now, but if you use your brilliant minds and your extraordinary creativity, you can devise many ways to come to terms with the processes and be more at peace.

**Hannah is the author of WELCOME TO PLANET EARTH, available from Light Technology, 1-800-450-0985 and RIDING THE PHOENIX: Surviving the Global Resurrection, from Xlibris, 1-888-795-4274. Both can be ordered from WELCOME TO PLANET EARTH A Guide for Walk- ins, Starseeds, and Lightworkers e-mail: Hannah Beaconsfield has been channeling for many years, beginning with automatic writing, which she still uses most of the time. In 1989 she began voice channeling with the help of Lyssa Royal and her channeling course. Hannah is a metaphysician, Choreographer, and Artist.