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2012 and Beyond

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•If one knows the broad outline and general direction of the changes, one can more readily place the unfolding events in a meaningful context. Preparations can be made for riding the evolutionary wave instead of being submerged by it. Plans can be altered thoughtfully in measured response to various manifestations of Nature’s events.

•Re-integration of the Divine Feminine into all aspects of society.

•After 2012 the planet will only accommodate human beings who have an open Heart Center.

The purpose of this article is to show the substantial common ground between the prophecies and forecasts coming from the Elders of various indigenous peoples with more recent information coming through Master Kuthumi’s Red Letters and “The Revolution of 2012”. When similar accounts come forward from such diverse sources, it behooves us all to sit up and take notice!

From the Mayans

According to Carlos Barrios in his book “Kam Wuj, El Libro del Destino”, the Fourth World, of a highly materialistic nature, finished on 16th August, 1987, the day of the Harmonic Convergence. At that point, the world entered a time of major transition, during which there is a a colossal global convergence of environmental destruction, social chaos, war, and on-going Earth changes. This in-between period will continue until the Winter Solstice 2012. It will be a time of rebirth, the beginning of the Fifth World, a new era when people live in harmony with Mother Earth, a time of fusion and integration of Life and Light. (Similar and consistent understandings have been shared by Hopi and other American Indian Elders, along with Eskimo “Grandparents”).

The Mayans explain how the entire solar system orbits around Alcyone, its “Central” star of our galaxy, yet Alcyone is far frrom the actual Galactic Centre. It takes the solar system 26,000 earth years to complete each orbital cycle around Alcyone. This orbital cycle can in turn be divided into five sectors of 5,200 years, with each sector representing an “age” or “world”.

At the Winter Solstice of 2012 both the 26,000 year and the 5,200 year cycles are completed prior to the birth of the new cycles and a new world. The alignment of Earth, Sun and Alcyone with the actual centre of the Galaxy at this time will allow a momentary but massive ray of Galactic Light to illuminate, purify and energise the Earth and its life forms. This will permit and facilitate our movement to the next dimensional reality, a quantum leap for those individuals who have made the choice to prepare themselves for this major transition. The Mayans indicated that the scale and nature of this leap is the first such occurrence in human evolution.

From the Hopi Indians

Blue Star shares the message of Hopi Grandfather Martin that the Mayan and Hopi prophecies all have the same sequence of events and their associated timeline. Grandfather Martin advises people who are awakening to:

* follow their hearts and to live in complete truth

* move locations without fear if the feeling is strong

* be aware of the coming Earth changes and learn to use and trust their own intuition.

* plant and grow our own food and prepare to live without electricity.

* bring Spirit back into our lives more and more each day and help each other consistently. Start each day with a prayer and pray with strong feeling. Watch all our thoughts and keep them all positive. Live in peace with ourselves and those we live with. Avoid letting fear into our lives and learn to love it all and be happy with what we have.

From American Indian and Maori tribal Elders

Richard Boylan Ph.D reports consistent ancient prophecies revealed by the Sioux, Hopi, and Lakota Elders which are about to manifest. They forsee the transition from the current pattern of “civilization” to a radically different way of living. Along with spiritual teachers from the Maoris, they point out that these radical changes take place every several thousand years and are so profound that they are referred to as “passages to a new world”.

Boylan goes on to describe an important new occurrence – a wide spread series of contacts with human individuals by various extra terrestrial cultures. They bring a message that “we are not alone” and that our rightful place is participating in the larger cosmic family of intelligent people spread across the Universe.

He found common themes within all these sources of the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine in balance and harmony with the Divine Masculine as well as the need for each individual to make a conscious choice to be part of the New World.

From Gray Eagle

Celia Gunn reports from the Yukon Territory of the Pacific North West the moving and heart-felt message of Purification from Gray Eagle. He explains that the message of Purification from the creator is telling us all that end-times are near. The return of two brothers that helped to create Earth Mother together with the Morning Star, will start to return Earth Mother to her natural rotation. This has been shown for ages in many petroglyphs within the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids as well as on inscriptions on many rocks and bones.

Gray Eagle went on to describe that with this time of purification on Earth Mother, all life as humans have known will be changed. There will be messages and messengers that will precede the Morning Star dance. These feelings and messages are for those on Earth Mother who understand the old ways and the teachings of Creator and Earth Mother. The feelings and messages will be found in the rocks within their sacred grains and the waters. Creator will issue a great light – things will change in their manner of being – every living thing will be offered the opportunity to change.

Those that have returned to the old ways, those that understand the original teachings, will live and walk in a natural way and will not be harmed by the coming of the Morning Star dance. They will survive and work together to purify and help each other rebuild Earth Mother.

Many will appear to have lost their souls in these times. So intense will the nature of changes be that those who are weak in spiritual understanding will not maintain their balance of thinking, for their walk was nothing without faith. Those empty in faith will have no life force in their eyes or balance in their actions. People will disappear, for they were only hollow vessels for the darkness to use. Things will be so dark and out of balance in the cities that many will choose to leave.

Only those who return to the values of the teachings of the old ways will be able to find peace of mind and balance during this purification. Many things will begin to occur with people that will not make sense, for reality will be shifting in and out of their dream time. There will be many paths to the lower world that will open at this time. Things long forgotten will come back to remind people of the past creations. All living and forgotten things want to be present for the great day of purification when the forever cycle of Earth Mother starts. The people will receive many warnings allowing them to change their paths, warnings from below the Earth Mother. Then one morning in a moment, the purification will awaken. Nothing living will go untouched. The way through this time can be found in your heart and reuniting with your soul. Getting simple and returning to living with Earth Mother in harmony with all creations, people remembering that they are the caretakers of Earth Mother.

From the Inuit (Eskimo) tribes of the Pacific Far North

A BBC reporter who spent some time with these tribal people recently passed on a prediction from tribal Grandparents that the time would come when it would be “forever Summer”. (This is the climate pertaining at all latitudes after the Earth has returned to a near vertical axis of rotation)

From the White Brotherhood

More recent direct communications from the Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood have confirmed that the Earth would be changing and evolving on a scale beyond precedent. It is time for the Earth to rejoin the other planets in the Solar System, which long ago evolved to Fifth Dimensional consciousness and beyond. The Earth needs this for her own evolution, as well as for the needs of the entire Solar System to itself grow and evolve. Human beings are invited to undertake this great journey also – provided they are willing to go through the required process of Attunement to the new Spiritual Design.

The current foundation belief of contemporary mankind that the Earth exists primarily for the human species will be replaced by the balanced perspective that humanity is a valued participant on Earth when appropriately Attuned to to Spirit and fully respectful of all living kingdoms and their inhabitants.

From Master Kuthumi (KH)

We learn from KH’s Illustrated Red Letters and a recent update that survival of the physical events of 2012 is a matter of personal choice, because the necessary warnings, organization, and the knowledge of how to survive and thrive will all be in place. Although the consequences of the Earth returning to a near vertical angle of inclination and the Moon taking up a new orbit around the equator will be vast in terms of water movement, human survival will be dependent upon focused group endeavor. Co-operation will be the centerpiece of consciousness, where now self-centeredness tends to predominate.

KH continues: “To all whom now face 2012 with understandable trepidation but also, it is to be hoped, with a degree of positivity and a sense of adventure, I say this: remember the power of Love. Just as the Sun draws from the stellar worlds and distributes to the planetary world, so a man with his heart open can draw from the higher realms and distribute to the kingdoms on Earth. He can draw in all that he needs to strengthen his Spirit so that he can form a relationship with this physical world which is one of responsibility, respect and cooperation. Then he will lose his fear of death in his love for life and in the recognition of opportunities and human possibilities. He aligns with the reality that the etheric body of the planet will only accommodate human beings who have an open Heart Centre.

From “The Revolution of 2012”

The paramount choice for humanity is the extent to which we individually change and adapt to the new realities in each remaining year up to 2012, including our re-integration of the Divine Feminine into all aspects of society.

Each of us depends critically on the flow of Spiritual Light through our beings for the very sustenance of life in our physical bodies. As the wavelengths become more and more refined , there is less and less life support for individuals in traditional third dimensional modes of living. This seemingly harsh reality lends considerable urgency to the need to attune at a Heart level to the evolutionary requirements of this Spiritual Design, through the Winter Solstice 2012. After this point, there will be no Spiritual life-support for individuals without Fifth Dimensional consciousness. Staying on the Earth will no longer be a viable option for them. Their evolutionary path will naturally take them to new lives on other planets in the Universe which are still at third or fourth dimensional levels. There they will find a new home which matches their current vibrational and evolutionary needs.

This is truly a wake-up call so that all of us, who love the Earth and wish to stay onboard, can complete the necessary inner work of Attunement with Fifth Dimensional consciousness and the release of prior karmic patterns. The good news is that there is , and will continue to be, much support available for individuals learning to function at these higher levels of consciousness. The opening of the Heart Centre, coupled with a strong inner commitment, will be an essential step for individuals to Attune with and tangibly live these higher vibrational realities. The explicit re-admittance of the Divine Feminine to a full participation in all humanity’s activities and realities will be a critical element in the softening of all aspects of Earthly life. If one knows the broad outline and general direction of the changes, one can more readily place the unfolding events in a meaningful context. Preparations can be made for riding the evolutionary wave instead of being submerged by it. Plans can be altered thoughtfully in measured response to various manifestations of Nature’s events.

Over the centuries, many people on their individual Spiritual paths have yearned for a Golden Age when their dreams of a well-functioning, harmonious, and mutually loving world would truly be present. For so long it has seemed that it would always remain in the abstract or in the mythical stories of the Golden Ages of ancient civilisations. Now, in this extraordinary time period of 2006-2012, the promise of fundamental change is coalescing at last. The challenge for each individual is to find their way forward to being part of the New World and actually participate in that continuous joy and harmony for so long searched for and dreamed after.

In Conclusion

It can be seen that there are similar themes referred to by the varied sources quoted above. Although the channeled sources are more explicit, we find consistent corroboration from the wisdom of the Elders.

There are multiple references to changes to the Earth’s rotation and Moon’s orbit, the availability of Spiritual “life support energy,” and the vital requirement of an open Heart Center to survive and thrive in the new world post 2012.

When we find the same predictions coming from such widely varied sources, each drawing on much deeper levels of wisdom than are readily available for most life decisions, it is time for us all to lovingly and seriously address the full implications of these messages, however uncomfortable we may find them initially. We owe this to ourselves and our families, as well as to our beloved Mother Earth.

Andrew Smith    


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