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Message from the Ashtar Command - Sananda

Michael Sun Bear

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n the media, please post this message on your websites and blogs and those of you who know people in government, I ask that you send them this message to post. Please respect its text, and refrain from editing it as it is written with specific intent.

It is time for the people to join together rather than be in opposition. The future of our children depends on it.

Constructive feedback to is most welcome.

Most Honorably,

Lord Sananda Kumara

Commander in Chief Airborne Division of the Ashtar Command



We are members of the High Council of the Galactic Confederation of the Planetary Systems in service to the Prime Creator, Lord Sananda Kumara Commander in Chief Airborne Division of the Ashtar Command, Archangel Michael Prince of the Archangels, Julian Commander of the Ashtar Command, Modoc Consulate to the Galactic Confederation, Anton Commander of the Silver Fleet, Black Elk and Sitting Bull Ascended Tribal Chiefs and Geronimo Spirited Warrior to Archangel Michael. Addressing you is Lord Sananda Kumara Commander in Chief.


We of the Sirian High Council of the Light come to you in service working together to assist humanity through these dense times. As a result of the undermining attempts to suppress this great nation under the Ashtar Command, the removal of the powers that be will be immediate and swift. The countless attempts to create harm and to engage in an annihilation plan for Earth will be intervened and who will protect all life forms according to the Divine Plan under Lord Melchizedek.

We, the delegates from the Sirian High Council of Light, will do all that is possible without the violation of your free will. Know that the surface of your Earth is being continuously monitored by our Lightships in your skies. We do regret all the atrocities that have occurred and still are occurring upon your surface, and continually still are being inflicted upon all the beloved Lightworkers and surface dwellers. The last remaining illuminati, who are entrenched upon the surface will be removed by Ashtar Command, as their last remaining roles are being played out, but will ultimately lead to their demise.

The Ashtar Command Lightships stand vigilant in your skies to affirm that the Light has already prevailed against the dark. The current media, through its own choice or by outside influence will create and continue to claim that the removal of the misguided administrative leaders were acts of terrorism. Know that the mainstream masses will be made [aware] of the truth.

The families of Lightworkers know in their hearts that all their dedication to service to the Light has dictated many of their lifetimes. Through actions of intent they have continually strived for peace and equality on this planet, and have never wavered from what they know is truth, especially when opposed by the dark cabal, who has consistently tried to impose fear in order to gain control of the masses. They have stood in their truths, as many ascended ones have done before them. Not one of your thoughts has ever gone unnoticed by our Council of Light or by the Prime Creator.


Beloved Lightworkers know these are the last days of war, terrorism, greed, fear and manipulation have arrived, and that true inspired leaders will transform your governing body into pure love, peace and bliss. We now ask you to watch the glorious unfolding of the Divine Plan, and soon you will be able to see what has happened around you and within the environment in which you dwell.

We adore you benevolent ones, and know that you were always meant to enjoy your lives and to live in contentment, and to have wonderful lives breathing in pure joy and love, and experiencing the bliss and laughter that your magnificent essences cry out for and seek, but have been denied by the dark ones that has kept you enslaved to your corporate mechanisms.

Your human experiences upon your planet were the true reasons that Mother Earth was actually able to shift herself out of all the darkness and catapult herself into light brilliance. We of Ashtar Command are in total gratitude to all of you, who have given hope to many others, and stated that you, too, can do this, as we have stood closely by watching but without interfering.

We the family of Light are continuously sending our effortless outpouring of love and healing energy, as we watch with compassion all your tireless efforts and self sacrifices you have made, yet are still able to gather enough love near the end of your work day to continuously strive in awakening others, so they too can experience their liberation through choice. Know that you are the teachers and the future role models, the true avatars, who will teach the Laws of the Universe for divine wisdom and discover the alchemy within.

Blessings in Love & Light,

Sirian High Council of the Galactic Confederation of Planets

Commander In Chief Airborne Division of the Ashtar Command

Lord Sananda Kumara (in form as Michael Sun Bear)

“Let it be known that enlightment is the path of initiations to lead your soul into reunion with your I AM presence that leads to Ascension and will open the door to your Divine Reality. Know that once this door is opened no man can shut it. The teachings received along your journey have been brought forth by all the Ascended Masters. Know you are now the wayshowers.”