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Relay Relay Relay - From Dracos

Spirit Eagle

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We are helping to change the destiny for the Great Mother Earth and her peoples.  We are helping in an advisement capacity.  We are relatively new to the Galactic Federation Of Light Beings.  We have laid down our swords of hatred, control, and power.  We now Stand in the Light of Truth and Love and Compassion for All Beings Everywhere.
We are assisting the Federation in untwisting the tangled threads from the minds of what you call the Dark Cabal.  We have been there, as you would say.  And relatively recently at that!   We of Draco's are honored to be a part of this Great Endeavor of Oneness! 
Love is the Only Answer Now!  Love will bring all situations to the Light of the One!  No One is Beyond Salvation!  I am asking all who read this to hold Everyone in the Light and to look with Compassion upon the desperate deeds of those who are fighting for their lives (as they know them).  Emit this Light from your Beings for all who are walking the Dark Path!  Live the Compassion of the Masters that you all are!  Thank you for this opportunity to speak to our beloved sisters and brothers of the Light!
Telepathic Communication  by  Spirit Eagle  Tuesday November 6, 2007 9:49 pm