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Relay Relay Relay - Kwan Yin

Spirit Eagel

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to be joyful about. Walk through your days with the awareness of LIFE expressing all around you! It is in the sweet smile of a child. It is in the warm rain on your face. It is in the smile of a loved one. It is in the laughter between friends and in the touch of a lover.

Are you wondering about moneys and packets of abundance? Are you rushing hither and yon to get the "real scoop"? I say to you to Be In The Moment NOW! All is under the Divine Plan so you might as well Live The Joy Now! Start "practicing" JOY!

My Dears, when you are IN JOY, you attact JOY to you! I ask you to remember WHO you ARE! I ask you to walk in Confidence through your day. I ask you to Live in Peace and to carry Peace as a Sacred Vessel within your hearts! You are well Loved, all of you! Good Night my Treasures!

Telepathic Communication by Kwan Yin Monday August 20, 2007 11:36 pm