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Relay Relay Relay - Aod-One

Spirit Eagle

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aring all is in Divine Timing. The Plan is working! We are old friends.

Earth has been a busy place for your Family from the Stars. We look forward to our encounters with you as much as you are anticipating our Great Family Reunion!

We ask that you stay patient and Know that All is Unfolding according to The Divine Plan! As you all know, Your "job" at this time is to hold the Vision for the Changes that are about to burst upon your Beautiful Mother.

My Dears.Know that you are called Now and you will be even more needed at the crumbling of your existing governments. We ask you to Live in Compassion, to Have Compassion for All, as I say to you that there is NOT ONE SOUL WHO IS NOT WORTHY OF YOUR LOVE AND COMPASSION! Release Now, your habits of judgment!. Release Now those places within the Self where your little ego resides.

It is You who will change your Earth. We will help, to be sure, but it is all of You, collectively, who will get the job done. We are helping those who are "in the trenches" in your halls of governments.

We ask you now, at this Critical time, to keep your focus on the world as you wish it to be. We ask you to Change Now! We ask you to radiate your Joy and Love, to everyone in your life and to those that you pass on the streets of your towns and cities. Send the Violet Ray of Transmutation to all. Beam it from YOU to everyone, to every living Being on the Earth Mother. This is Your work at this time. Before too long you all will be called upon to help those who will be very shocked at the revelations about to be exposed to the people of Earth.

We bid you Adieu for now. Be at Peace, and STAY STRONG IN YOUR LIGHT!

Telepathic Communication By Spirit Eagle Monday September17, 2007 6:00 pm