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A Message from the Pleiades

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verse including planet earth. We have observed that a shift of energy on the earth is the result of a shift and awakening of the souls of human beings. Humans are gradually connecting once more with the light of the creator and this is raising the spiritual energy vibration of the planet. Energy in certain places on the earth has become very positive and peaceful. There are of course many places that are blocked with negative energy. It is the positive energy that we are interested in because the negative energy will soon disperse as the positive loving energy spreads, which we believe it will do over the next couple of years. As we view the earth from above we can see many small sites forming that are energised and radiating love and light out into the earth. These places or areas act like sacred sites, they can be anywhere in houses, parks, schools, where love and light is radiated from a physical being unconditionally. As more beings connect with their guides and the creator’s energy, this energy affects their surroundings and creates a haven filled with peace and harmony; gradually the world will be filled with light, love and positivity. This is an important thought to hold that when you connect with a being of love you not only raise your own consciousness but the atmosphere all around you. The love then stays in the atmosphere after you have left and is absorbed by beings that enter it. This is why we must always try to think loving thoughts wherever we go and to leave each area and atmosphere, as we would like to find it, positive, happy and shimmering with the love of the creator. If everyone tried to achieve this then you would stay in a positive mood wherever you went and life for every being would be

more enjoyable. We send you are purest love and ask you to spread it around the world.


The Pleiades