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May 13, 2016

Editor's note:  The following writing is by the Ascended Master known as Lanto, the Sage of the Second Ray or Aspect of Creator's spectrum, among the seven great "Rainbow Masters" communicating at this time to help us get through Earth-Shan's planetary transition and rebalancing.

In Journal #7, called THE RAINBOW MASTERS, Lanto says: I have chosen the softness of the yellow refraction as my most comfortable vibration and am most easily identified from my 'past' (as you perceive it to be) experiences.  My existence in mortal form brought me to your places that you now geographically identify as the Orient.  I was given the great gifts of Insight and Wisdom from our Creator Source to experience upon this planet in the form of many most humble wise ones.  My most revered service was to the ones who came first as the Christos, The Buddha (brother and one with the Master Esu Jesus)." ...


8/3/96   LANTO, THE SAGE

Greetings, my friend, I am most recognized by you ones as Lanto, the Sage.  I come in the Light of the One Light.  I represent the Second Ray or aspect of Creator's spectrum.

The visible spectrum of Light only represents a harmonic of the frequencies that make up all of creation.  In the third-dimensional compression, you ones are often limited in your perceptions.  Not only are there non-visible, third-dimensional aspects of Creator's Light, there are also higher-dimensional shifts associated with Creator's energy expressions.  Do not get hung up on colors associated with a Representative of an aspect of Creator.

We all (you ones included) express on all frequencies or wavelengths.  Ones are usually drawn to a certain aspect of Creator; thus there is more affinity associated with one area over another.  This is because we are all created with a purpose in mind, and that purpose can be most easily filled through certain aspects of Creator.

Note, please, the balance is of utmost importance for proper growth.  All ones will gravitate towards Sananda's Christ Energy.  Many will gravitate towards Hilarions' Heart Energy or Germain's Transmuting Energy.  This is mostly due to the level of the expressing individuals.

You ones are restless and need change.  Thus Germain will appeal to you, for he is Master of that aspect of Creator's expression.

I am Guide and Teacher; I am the "gut feeling" you ones get.  The physical color associated with my energy is the golden yellow color, though the etheric color would be perceived differently.  Ones who can see the colors of the Auric Field will most often perceive my energy as a blending of colors.

I am a Teacher.  I have learned my lessons well and have earned my position among the other Masters.  We all have overlapping aspects and can express on any of the frequencies, though there is need to have specialists to answer the specific and directed needs of the ever-progressing souls.

I have come now, at this time of change, so that you ones might receive balanced instructions and learn to follow your "gut knowingness" about what it is that you need to be doing.

My scribe recognizes me as a communicator.  Yes, indeed.  I am probably the most heard, but least recognized, of the Masters, for I will speak to ones at a level that bypasses the analytical mind and resonates within the emotional energy field of the being.

This manifests as intuition or as the "I don't know why, but I don't feel right about this situation" reaction.  Even the most shutdown (emotionally) person will, if he has a soul, feel my nudges.

You ones must be open to the "nudges".  This is most often your Guides working with you to help you to find the right path so that you are prepared for and ready to accept your purpose.

This does not mean that you have to GO anywhere; this is to say that your life experiences are being guided for your highest good.  The more open you are toward following these internal messages, the easier it will be for you ones to get the proper insights and lessons necessary for your upcoming roles.

Sometimes these lessons are harsh and seemingly abrupt.  For example, ones are losing their jobs all over the country.  Be careful in your thinking, for such "luck" is most likely for good reason.  You may be needed elsewhere and this may be the only way to get you to look within and draw upon the Creative Energy that will guide you to a more productive experience.

As some ones are lost, others are called to serve, so if your life seems to be turning upside down, please take a moment and call in the Light and get still.

Notice the gut-level sensations.  They can be translated into written or verbal communication with practice.  This will be as if you have thought of the message yourself.  You will most likely only hear your own inner voice.

Listen to the message.  Write it down or speak it into a recording device.  Write or speak what comes; then discern the message.  REMEMBER TO ALWAYS CALL IN THE LIGHT BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER THIS EXERCISE!  Otherwise the dark side shall almost surely come to influence and trick you.

We are fast approaching a time when you ones shall all be consciously receiving.  The mere fact that you are drawn to this information source (CONTACT), and are reading this message, implies that you are, and have been, receiving at least at the "gut level".

Well, imagine that!

It is not everyone's task to write public messages for the masses.  It is, however, YOUR God-given right to connect up to Higher Source and receive your own personal instructions.

Your Guides are there for you at this time to help coordinate your training and life experiences.  Be patient with those around you.  If they do not share your beliefs, do not condemn them, for each is responsible for their own self.  You do not know the contract of another, so when one experiences as, let's say, a lawyer, that one just may be necessary to help YOU at a later date.

Ones may deny their spiritual side, yet they may be the inventor or scientist who brings new technology to your world.  Ones are allowed to ignore their spiritual side if they so choose.  There is no force from we of the Lighted Brotherhood.

If you come across others who don't seem to hear, or want to listen to, spiritual truth, do not condemn them.  Look to their actions.  Most often these ones are the more advanced ones who recognize the religions are very confusing, and thus choose to avoid ANY spiritual discussion whatsoever.  Their actions will hold clues to their being: Are they generally kind and caring?  Do they know innately what is right and what is wrong?

Despite the robotic overpopulation of your planet, it is still full of Godly people who only want to do what is right.  These ones know right from wrong because they innately FEEL the difference.  This is because they are connected to the God Source--even if they do not acknowledge the connection.

This message is coming now so that you ones begin to realize that YOU are receiving guidance.  Moreover, note well that there is fast approaching a time when, due to external physical events, the means for getting the CONTACT newspaper delivered will be nearly impossible.

This probable scenario shall serve as a wake-up call to you ones who are still trying to figure out if you really believe these messages of Lighted Truth.



Ones do not like being treated as an outcast, or as the one who goes against their parents' fundamental teachings.  When you doubt spiritual matters, realize, please, that there is a REAL battle going on within.  This battle is for the control of your soul--or at least for the influence over your soul.

Go within and call upon Creator God--the One Who created you!  Get quiet and search your heart to find that which you know to be true.  Ask any question or the heart such as, "How can I know what is real or true?"

With such a question asked with heartfelt curiosity, the answers must come.  Next you must monitor your thoughts closely, as your mind will be caused to give you the answer.  Clues and experiences that hold the answer will be caused to be remembered so that you can realize what is true and what does have verification and validity.

Rarely will you hear a voice of another--not at first, anyway--though it IS possible.  REMEMBER TO ALWAYS CALL IN THE LIGHT FOR PROTECTION FIRST!  Be honest with yourself and you shall know what is truth and what is half-truth or lie.

I am Lanto, the Sage (Elder) keeper of the Second aspect of Creator's spectrum.  May your journey in Light be a reflection of the inner God Force who created you and IS you.

Thank you, and blessings to all who read this message.  Salu.


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, August 6, 1996, Volume 13, Number 13, Page 20-21.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.