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Lady Nada

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Good afternoon, my scribe.  Thank you for sitting this day, for there is a need for the sharing.  I am Lady Nada, I come in the Radiant Light of Creator God so that I may re-give that which has been given to me, and so that you ones may have the insights that you petition for constantly.

Be thankful for having been given yet another day, this day, for you will look back one day and realize how simple your life was.  The unfolding drama will be quite hard for everyone involved without exception.  Everyone will have their own personal challenges to face and overcome.  You ones of the Teaching, Lighted Ground Crew will have to face attacks from ALL directions, and only with discernment within the Light of Creator God shall you have the insights to traverse the "mine-fields" (including the mind fields) that shall lay before you, without being incapacitated from the mission at hand.

There are great efforts to remove the speakers of truth at this "Brink of Awakening" time on your planet.  This is without exception!  You will have to shed your fears and get centered within the protection of God's Light, else you will know agonizing remorse for having allowed to slip away yet another opportunity for overcoming this most unique and multi-faceted kind of challenge.

There is great concern for the overall mental impact of the upcoming events that are about to befall the planetary consciousness of Earth-Shan.  We of the Lighted Hosts of God are getting our lessons as we attempt to bring forth a transformation in such a manner that has never been attempted prior.  This will have a tremendous impact on the growth of millions of souled beings.  We have our lessons in discernment, as do you.  We shall not forsake our direct God-Source connection; therefore we have confidence that we shall be successful.

This is not to say that this experience will not be challenging.  We must search for the answers that will allow US to help those who are most stubborn and refuse to hear.  We enjoy the challenge, for there is ALWAYS an answer, and in the seeking to find the answer, we experience growth as we are stretching our awareness to new levels of understanding.


You, as Ground Crew, can assist the most by keeping a constant attentive "ear" to the nudges that we are constantly sending you.  This is done by keeping the adversary out of your head!  The adversary is constantly waiting there, trying to find a weak point in your mental armor, your emotional armor, and your spiritual (LIGHT SHIELDING!) armor.

While it is YOUR responsibility to face these challenges, you do NOT have to face them alone!  Call in the Light and ask for guidance and protection, for both you and your brother.

When you find yourself frightened, this is the adversary working on you!

When you find yourself overwhelmed with self pity, this is the adversary working on you!

When you find yourself overwhelmed with anger to the point of physical violence, this is the adversary working on you!

When you find yourself feeling worthless, this is the adversary working on you!

The point here is to catch yourself and not allow the adversary to come in and walk all over you.

You ones out there may think that these ones who bring forth these messages somehow have "no problem dealing with the adversary".  NO!

This one, who is writing today, was nearly incapacitated mentally from adversarial attack just two days ago.  This one needs to face the inner responsibility of keeping the dark energies out of his space, and must also learn to recognize (by experiencing) the subtle nature of such attacks.

The adversary will be ever so cautious and gentle as he kindles the emotional fires that will grow slowly at first, and feel warm and almost soothing.  But just about at that point, he will throw "mental dynamite" into the fire and cause drastic shifts in perception and inner values based upon these inner emotional desires or past pains.  By this point, there is absolutely no mercy shown by the adversary toward the one who allows the adversarial intrusion in the first place.

If you find yourself in a state of chronic depression, then I, Lady Nada, would suggest to you that you take a long, hard look at why YOU allow this to persist!

The reason for such depression lies, almost without exception, in the past.  You ones will hold onto the memories of lost loved ones (whether due to physical death or just physical separation) until you nearly kill yourselves with grief.  If and when he can, the adversary will make certain that you keep falling into this incapacitating, downward-spiral trap.

If you find yourself in such a condition, then you would be wise to find that which you burden self with and release it.  In doing so, the adversary will have lost this particular foothold within you, and you will have taken the first step toward ridding yourself of the chronic condition of mental torture under which you place yourself.

You must realize that YOU are responsible for that which YOU feel in the way of mental and emotional frustration.  We of the Hosts will assist you, if you but ask, else we will honor your choice to face these inner pains on your own, and allow you to your free-will choice.

Go within and find the thread that allows the adversary to enter your space, then see what value you place upon that which the adversary uses to manipulate you.  When you are able to release these things, then you will have grown, for in having found the means for doing so, you will have recognized an inner strength that you have not, yet, known before.

This is why it is said that the adversary can be one of the greatest teachers.  He will point out your weaknesses by exploiting them, over and over, until you overcome them.

Be very mindful that most of you have many more than just one such weakness.  Focus first on whichever one causes you the most mental preoccupation and handle that one.  See that one less distraction is one less than you had prior.  You will always have challenges to overcome, so please do not get the idea that somehow you will ever reach a point of "no problems".  That would mean that you have stopped growing completely!

Look forward to every new challenge, for such will help you to develop the mental and emotional skills (and strengths) that you need in order to graduate into a higher level of experiencing.


Seek always, within the Light, your guidance!  I cannot say this enough!

We often lose our most experienced workers, after years of struggle, because they become complacent about clearing their space and about consciously calling-in the Light.  Take the time to develop the mental discipline to constantly call upon the Light, until it becomes an innate part of your life.  This is perhaps the best possible habit you can cultivate--especially to counteract those times when you are feeling depressed or frustrated.

This exercise will help you to pull yourself up out of the lower frequency ranges of the adversarial influence, and in the process of accomplishing that, will help us to help you.

Focus your attention on the Light: Picture the Light all around you.  Take special notice of those thoughts you have which resist the Light, and you will see where the adversary is getting you to shift your focus away from Creator Source.  The adversary MUST wear a sign, and this is one of the more obvious ones--IF YOU BUT LOOK!

If your reaction is, "Well, I clear my space just fine; this writing is for 'others' who have not yet learned", then I would caution you to look within and find what you are afraid of and what part of you is resisting the Light.  A truly Light-centered being will not resist an opportunity to once again reaffirm their connection to God Source.

These fundamental lessons are the most important ones to really understand well and incorporate within your being, for they are the building blocks that will allow you to overcome your fears and take responsibility for any and every challenge you may have to face.  Remember that you are ALWAYS preparing for greater and greater challenges and responsibilities.  It is an infinite journey of expansion within The One Light--Creator Source.

I am Lady Nada, come in response to the petitions of those of you who call upon the Light for guidance and insights.  I am sent by our Father who monitors closely the intents and hearts of all involved in bringing forth these messages to the world.  May you find the answers you are looking for--and hopefully MUCH MORE!

Cherish each gifted day of experience.  Salu!