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Relay Relay Relay Ashtar 11/20/13

Spirit Eagle

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It is time to continue on the final phase of your book!   Do what must be done during this final phase of reality as you all have known it on this earth.   You have already begun the new and yet it is frustrating for those who have looked forward to the "new".  From appearances, it seems that little has changed.   Much has in fact, changed!


Energy can be extremely subtle, or it can be a blast of energy from your Sun which has been helping humankind to get rid of the dross weighing you down for lifetimes in human form.  As you Emote, as you Feel the pain, the regrets, the frustrations  that you have collectively turned away from, you are freeing yourselves.  Yes, freeing yourselves from that which you haven't Wanted to deal with on a Feeling level.  The Great Sun of your Solar System is helping All in this purging of the Old in order for you to begin to live the lives you were meant to live all along in this Journey back to the Stars.


The intensity of pain, both physical, spiritual, mental and emotional is the Walk of the Human out of this Dimensional Reality into the Higher Dimensions.  It is a Walk of experience, one of purpose to Own All that is not of the Light and to let it go as a part of your Journey back to the Higher Realms. 


Yes, we did hear you and Karen and we acknowledged that right away!  Your confirmation from those of the Light who called and told you of the great Ship that they saw yesterday was your answer.  Yes, All Over the world, we are now increasing the de-cloaking of our Ships in a more overt way than ever before!


We Hear You, people of EARTH!   Yes, the suffering of multi-billions of lifeforms MUST END NOW!   We see.  We feel it All Now!  We are helping in ways that many cannot even imagine.  We are awaiting your Awakening from the troubled sleep of the Undead!    You are Who you have been waiting for!   Turn from your programming.  Go outside and look up into the night sky.  You Will see us!  Many of us.  Talk to us!  We will play, "shine the light" with you!  Do as your Heart tells you to do!  You are our Sisters and Brothers in the Light!


Take back your Power from those who only see Profit and Gain as the purpose of their lives.  Turn away from your Enslavers and know that You were created to be Free!   Love ALL, Be a Slave to NONE!   You are greatly Loved!  I Am Ashtar


Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  11/20/13   10:45 pm

Nov. 21,2013