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Spirit Eagle

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Nov. 18, 2013

On Monday, November 18, 2013 3:17 AM, S Eagle <> wrote:
We are of the Elemental Kingdom.  We have been a part of your Great Mother the Earth since Her birthing!  We have helped in all of the changes that she has experienced in order for her to fulfill her destiny.  So too, we have been with you from your first tentative steps upon the Earth, your Mother.
We, the Elementals are in the birdsong that lightens the Dawn.  We are in the song of the brook and in the wind that sighs through the leaves of the trees.  We are the tenders of the flowers that fill your senses with joy.  We are the light rippling on the waters, we are the breeze that cools your brow.  We bring fruitfulness to  your fields and gardens.  We bring joy to our work.
There is much pain upon our Earth Mother now.  Her blood is being torn from her bleeding body.   All lifeforms are suffering untold horrors and painful deaths.  We, the Elementals are working with The Galactic Federation of Light to ameliorate some of this devastation, but remember, this is Your Planet and Humanity must decide that this will stop Now!  
There are those who have mistaken their roles on this planet.  The Earth Mother is not a commodity to be bought, sold, used and abused!   Do you not love your Mother?   Do you not love your children to whom you are leaving this legacy?  Do you not love and respect yourselves that you will go along with the status quo of ignorance and denial?   Will you continue to play with your adult "toys" that have created such a high cost of pain to your Mother, the Earth?  Will you continue to stay silent while she is abused in every way possible?  Will you not stand up and shout, "NO MORE"? 
Remember that we are co-creators on this Earth Mother!  We are doing our part.  The Galactic Federation of Light is doing it's part.  Will you finally decide that it is Your responsibility to do your part in ending this Now?
Think on this and remember that we are ALL One on our Mother, the Earth.  Rest in Her Arms as her beloved child this night!
Telepathic Communication  by Spirit Eagle  November 18, 2013  3:15 am