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Spirit Eagle

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Yes Spirit Eagle, It is I, St. Germain who has been nudging  you to the computer for the past two days.  Good Evening!   I wish to convey that this is the time that you all have been waiting for!   There is much suffering on the Earth Mother, in All of her Kingdoms! 


The oppression of the Earth and her people is increasing exponentially.  This Grand Experiment that is called, the United States of America is failing in its' Mission to the whole of humanity!  :You have lost your Way!  You forget that it was a Grand Experiment, begun by those who Knew what it was to live under tyranny!  The beginning of this Republic was a time when the Creator-given Rights of Humanity were affirmed for All of the World!  You Won Your Freedom by standing in your truth  and saying "No More" to Rule by King!   The Founders were cognoscente of the depth of the steps they were taking in 1776!  I Know!  I was there in that Hall!  They were just men but it took courage, what they did that day! 


What has changed from that day to this?  You are in a Time of great upheaval but courage is in short supply.  Much of humanity in wealthy countries has been lulled by the soft whispers of Safety over Sovereignty, Fear over Courage and Protection from manufactured demons of Separation.   You Are All One!  Those who would have you separate from your Brothers and Sisters across the world gain much from your separations!  And You lose much!   You Stay in fear and by Fear you do the bidding of the Dark Ones.

this the inheritance you want to bequeath to your children unto the seventh generation?  Your "government" Is Your Business!  You Are Your Government!  What is known as "The Government, IS YOU! 


All of Heaven is here to help you!  ASK for help!  We Will Assist but you as always You must do the Work!  Put your Faith in your ability to walk the path of the True Rainbow Warrior!


I ask that you do not close your eyes to what is before you!   You Are the hope of the World Now!  The Earth Mother and Humanity are crying out for surcease of this pain!  Will you turn away and continue to believe that you are separate from one another, will you continue to think that your brother or sister is different from you?  All of humanity is loved,  all are equal, all are souls journeying on the Path back to Creator.  All are loved as you are loved.


Your soul is here at this time to be a part of  the Ascension of the Earth Mother.  Fear has No place at this time!  It is time for courage!  I Love and Bless ALL of you!  Use this opportunity to complete the work that you have come to do with Grace and Courage!  Speak up!  Do not be afraid!  You are Many!  You Are Love!  You Are Light!  Reach across the world to each other!  You Are sisters and brothers!

Good Night My Dears!


Telepathic Communication  by  Spirit Eagle   Friday  April 26, 2013   1:18 am


S Eagle