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Relay Relay Relay 2/26/12 Athena

Spirit Eagle

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Womankind is being ravaged at this time upon the Earth Mother.  What is done to your Earth is done to the Great Mother of All.  Those who destroy the Earth and all lifeforms upon her deny the Feminine within themselves.  Both men and women have both the Feminine side and the Masculine side.  There is an Extreme imbalance at this time. 

What you see before you being enacted in the chaos around the world is a result of the death throes of the imbalance attempting to right itself.  As more people  are awakening from  thousands of years of slumber the more those who would completely own you are attempting to crush the Feminine in Every way possible.  It is more to your credit that you are coming forth in numbers that will soon be in the billions when there is so much at stake on your planet.  You are awakening to the Truth!

The old ways are no longer working and the Dark Ones are becoming more extreme in their efforts to control you.  They are doomed to failure in whatever they attempt at this time.  I would say that Humanity is about to embark on a journey of awakening to Who you truly are.  The harsher your "rulers" become the more loudly you live and claim your FREEDOM!   The noises you hear from your "leaders" is so much nonsensical chatter that is now relegated to "white noise".  There is a Plan that is larger than anything that the Dark Ones can counteract at this time.  Like your children's Fairy Tale, they can "huff and puff" but they can not blow Anything down!  It is all over for them.  They are going through the motions of the past that Will Not Work in the present or the future.  A NEW DAY IS DAWNING! 

Continue your work to free Humanity from its' enslavers,   Continue to be the Warriors who work to PROTECT All lifeforms and your Great Mother the Earth!  There is a war against her.  She can no longer be dominated and trashed, All lifeforms upon her Must be protected by YOU!  You are children of the Mother; now is the time to be Her Protectors!

We, the Ascended Masters are assisting you in every way when called upon by you!  I Am Athena.   Rest Well This Night for there is much for you All to do Now!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  2/25/12   12:24 am