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Relay Relay Relay - Ker-ton-tec - 5/23,2011

Spirit Eagle

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Ker-ton-tec:  There is a time and a place coming where you All will be pressed to "stay in your center".  As the darkness from within and without reveals itself some will be hard-pressed to stay in their center.  There are revelations of the past misdeeds of the monetarily powerful that will be flooding the world in such a way that it will be impossible to turn away and pretend that "all is right with the world".
The Tide IS Turning as more people awaken to the matrix behind the veil of illusion.   The Illusion is that which you have all been living!   The Truth is the catalyst by which the veil will fall!   This is a Time for Courage!  This is a Time for Honesty with yourselves!  This is a Time to Shine Your Light wherever you go! 
There is an unseen battle in progress and it is the Battle between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness!  There is no middle ground in this battle.  You are a part of the Army in this battle.  What side have you chosen?  What is most important to you?  Do you feel compassion for your sisters and brothers across the world?  Are you concerned Only with what you have attained and what people think of you because of that attainment?   Do your priorities include cognizance of The Law of One?  (When one is harmed, all are harmed.  When one is helped, all are helped.)
As long as humanity Allows their freedoms to be abridged, that is how much longer you will be enslaved by YOUR FEAR!   You ARE the Light, Live the Light, Be the Light!   If you want the world to be a different place, then you must Make it different! 
Creator Made you FREE!  Shake off the chains that bind you!  They come from an idea!   That is all it is!  Claim your Freedom!  Say "NO" to those who use fear to control you!  Know that you are a Child of the Goddess and ALL OF HER CHILDREN ARE FREE AND SOVEREIGN BEINGS!    This is Who you Are!
Know that we, Paschat Warriors walk with you and we are in the forefront of the battles being waged in dimensional planes and realities to help the Earth Mother to rise into higher dimensions.  It is Past Time for this to happen.  There is No More Time to straddle your fence.  Choose and choose wisely.  Much depends on your choices now.  Ask, and we will be at your side, protecting and assisting you.  Rest this night for you need your Energy for that which is ahead for you all!
Telepathic Communication  by  Spirit Eagle   Monday  May 22, 2011   12:15 am