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Through Hazel

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The bestowal of free will to man on earth is a divine bestowal yet a test of great proportions. The test lay in how man chooses to exercise the free will given to him. From the celestial perspective, man has made many choices that run counter to divine will. Free will was given that man would choose to align his will with God's will and thus commence his ascension back to Source. Very few have made that choice and you are now left with an ailing planet and men whose souls are in limbo.
Choice is subjective to the extent that one has the freedom to choose that which he or she feels is "right" for them. Yet what may be one's perception of what is right for him/her may not be in alignment with what is balanced in accordance with God's laws and ways. The choices you have as a result of free will is not meant to be exercised in a vacuum but in accordance with the yardstick of divine law. What is right for man has for too long been influenced by what felt right from a sense point of view. The subjective senses persuade the choices man makes with far reaching repercussions for his spiritual growth. Man does not stop to think of futuristic impact only transient results which satisfy his senses.
Mans' choices must be geared to fulfilling his spiritual needs. His understanding of what those needs are will only be obtained when he can spend some time with himself and undertake an assessment of his life's purpose and what he needs to know or do to accomplish this. Man needs understand that the purpose of his life is not primarily to feed and clothe himself. These outer manifestations are necessary to enable him to focus on his true purpose which is always a divine one.
His innate spiritual needs should always be a guide as to the choices he should make. In other words man must realise that that which he needs for his soul growth must be given by him through the choices he makes. When choices are made which hinder his soul's growth there is no real progress. He stymies his own development through adverse choices to his spirit. There must be a deeper understanding that the outer senses are not the only ones that experience "feeling" "hearing" or "seeing". The inner senses being the veins of the soul also feels, hears, sees and knows but at a level that is beyond all that is external. These are the senses that you must seek to satisfy through the choices you make.
One must start form a point of knowing that which is acceptable to God. This is the foundation upon which spirit is built. I wish to remind you that the ultimate goal is to return to the Source. You must keep your eyes on the goal. If you can do so you will realise that all your choices will be compatible with the attainment of that goal. You will be led by the Source within, to make the choices amenable for your spiritual growth and renewal.
So is it a sin to make a poor choice? Not at all. Firstly, sin is not a divine concept for there is no sin in God's creation. Man has created the concept of sin as a vehicle to be used to teach him the lessons he needs to learn in order to make the "right" choices. Man has chosen the long winded way back to God. For God has given man the rules for balance living which if followed and abided by will allow man to enjoy his mortal experience whilst knowingly making his way back to Source. Man however likes to experiment. Like a recalcitrant child he chooses to push the laws of God aside, do his own thing for self gratification and when he realises that that does not work then eventually, perhaps after many lifetimes of repeatedly choosing against God, he will make the balanced choice.
Man must understand that every unbalanced choice he makes impact on the mass consciousness. Man must lead by example through his choices. If he fails to make a choice that resounds with divine will, he becomes a follower like the many who walk your plane rather than the leader he was born to be. He will be a leader to the extent that others by association will follow him in making choices that are not in balance with creation.
Any choice you make must contemplate the highest good of all. Your choices have the power to change your vibrations. Many seek to learn how to raise their vibrations through external measures yet the key to so doing rests within each. You have the choice to be happy or sad; to see your experiences in a positive or negative light; to understand the experiences through inner communion with the Source of all knowledge or through the rashness of your senses blame the experience. You can choose to love or hate; you can choose peace or war, light or darkness, balance from that which is imbalanced. These are just a few examples of choices you can make which can and will heavily impact the course of your life.
For aeons we have been trying to teach you that changes can manifest through the choices you make, but few heed our words.
When you choose dear ones, do not choose with your senses, choose with your spirit and make a commitment to that choice. For only you can break the barriers of your senses that you may live in spirit, enabling you thereby to make appropriate choices. For the "right" choice will always be a "balanced one which will created internal harmony and movement forwards. You will know when the choice you make is "right" for you will experience a feeling of inner knowing and peace.
In summary I want you to remember that there are choices you can make that will hinder, stunt or cause regression in your growth. There are choices that you can make that will enable you to move forward spiritually, bring you closer to God consciousness and enable you to make a real contribution to the harmonious ascension of the mass consciousness. You may feel that your choices affect you alone or just an immediate few. This is not so, for All are moved by energy and the energy of one affects All.
I urge you to think carefully of the choices you make in particular during these last days as they will in a very significant way affect the future of your soul, note I said soul and not the flesh. All that you do children must be for the welfare of that immortal part of you for it is only this that survives and truly matters.
When you can see all as One you will also realise that through your choices you are accountable to every life force in creation including your must benevolent planet.
What will it be then? Will you choose through your choice to gratify your ego and senses or will you choose to enhance your soul and the energy of All. Be brave dear children and choose the path that will offer you the wealth of spiritual growth for all other choices you will make along the way will reconcile with the path you choose. Be leaders in your choices even if it means going against man made accepted norms and practices. You were not born to be followers but leaders in and for the light of God. Let the torch of God's light, the very light you bear within, lead you in the choices you make that you may experience true fulfilment.
I Am Nada, I bid you to remember what the goal is. What will your choice be?
Love and blessings to you dear children of God.