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Relay Relay Relay Quex-cul

Spirit Eagle

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From: S Eagle
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 2:42 AM
Subject: Relay Relay Relay Quex-cul
We have been waiting for you to process our Transmission (Message) tonight!  We come from Alpha Centauri and we are a part of the Mission to Earth in her Time of Transformation.  We have been assisting in this ascension into higher octaves of existence.  What is happening to the Earth, your Mother, is also happening to you and your bodies! 
We have been studying the effects of the Transition on the Earth and upon all of her inhabitants of all species.  We are able to relieve some of the stresses, but not all.  Her plates will shift and rumble, her seas will change, and all of life on Her will transform into a higher vibrational attitude as this is effected. 
The Earth has been plundered of her minerals for millennia but the technology available more recently has contributed to unusual effects in the Plates beneath the surface.  These technologies remove vast amounts of minerals and liquids from the formerly vast reservoirs, of oil and water and mineral-rich rocks (mountains).  This causes pockets to develop that are unstable and subject to movement.
There are glimmers of hopeful Joy on our Ship as we watch more people of Earth join hands and work with each other, despite what your governments are doing or NOT doing for the Earth and for the people of Earth!  One family at a time, One Town, One Community at a time reaching out to each other with loving thoughts, and Helping hands!
THIS is The Change that has been NEEDED in order to bring about even Bigger Changes on the Planet!   AND IT IS HAPPENING NOW!
No longer can humanity Wait for some government, or leader to bring the change that is needed.   LIVE the Integrity that you wish to see in your government Servants!  They merely Represent YOU!   Empower yourselves with the Knowledge that you are the CARETAKERS OF YOUR EARTH.  And Take Care of Her!  THIS is Love In Action! 
As the Earth heals, you will heal, as the Earth rises in vibrational frequencies, you will also rise, for you are One with Her, she Is, after all, Your Mother!   I am Quex-cul.  Rest Well tonight for YOU ALL HAVE MUCH TO DO
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  Tuesday  January 11, 2010 11:31 pm