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I am Joseph, and I have been chosen to speak at this time. For many years now Fourwinds has presented great Truth freely to all. You at Fourwinds have stood the tests of time. You have presented the Light of Truth to pierce the fury of the adversary. Your faith has kept you strong against all darkness. Many have been the adversary's attacks, but nothing has penetrated your fortress, and nothing shall.

Fourwinds is seen as a dynamic energy source, sending a great beam of Light far into the Cosmos. We see your Light beam of rainbow colors in other universes and rejoice. You have reached millions with our messages, and through your efforts, millions have found the Light of Truth.

We are many and you can visualize us as you would your great ball stadium, filled with beings from the Realms of Light. We are standing now and applauding you at Fourwinds for your work of presenting Truth to the "fourwinds" of Terra Nova. The music of our applause is deafening.

I now name only a few of us who wish to give you special recognition at this time, as the entire stadium bows in honor of your great work. They are: Esu Immanuel Sananda of Golden Light; El Morya the Statesman of the Red Ray; Lanto the Sage of the Light Blue Light; Paul the Venetian the artist of the Green Ray; Serapis Bey the Architect of the Pale Yellow Ray; Hilarion the Healer of the Indigo Light; Lady Nada, twin flame of Sananda of Rose Light; Germain the Alchemist of Violet Light; Michael with his sword of brilliant Blue; Earth geophysicist Commander Soltec; Communications Commander Korton; Starship Commanders Ptaah and Semjase; Gabriel, etheric father of Esu of White Light; Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander in Chief of Earth Project Transition; and Thy Father, Aton of dazzling Crystal Light.

We honor you for your wise choices and the courage to make those choices, and we honor you for your tenacity to present Truth with all generosity to all in the face of great odds. We love you with a great Love, and we give you our Peace. We are your brothers and sisters of the Lighted Realms, and I am your brother, Joseph, the earthly father of Esu Immanuel Sananda. Walk in joy!


(2004, through M.C. a dear friend and female Lightworker, who has since passed into the Realms of LIght)