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Relay Relay Relay Jeshua Ben Joseph, Sananda, Jesus

Spirit Eagle

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From: S Eagle
Sent: Monday, November 23, 2009 8:53 PM
Subject: Relay Relay Relay Jeshua Ben Joseph, Sananda, Jesus
You know me by many Names. I Am Jeshua Ben Joseph, Sananda, Jesus of Nazareth. Regions of your world will be celebrating My Birth soon. The time of good will is approaching. There is much happening on the Earth that is not a cause for celebrating but it Will play out to the end for everyone has Free Will which enables you to grow by Choosing where you will stand.

The Path is clear for those who wish to re-make themselves into caring, loving Beings. There is much suffering on the Earth at this time: confusion, fear, and an unwillingness by those who control you through your society's governments to let go of their attachment to Power. They are as recalcitrant children. They have been warned; they have been told to Stand Down Now, yet they frantically plan darker and more catastrophic events in order to hold their positions in their deadly games.

There is a Time line which will bring the changes that Must happen. Those who would control you Even More, are filled with such lust for power that they Blind themselves to the Truth that theirs is a Losing Game. In the final days there will be a Great Awakening of Souls on this Planet! The Energies that are Flooding the Earth are clarifying and empowering all to Claim your Sovereignty! And, to Do It Now!

You are the Beloved Ones who came here in service to your Earth Mother. You Consciously chose to incarnate here in order to raise the vibrational pattern of not only yourselves but of the Earth Mother so that you would Ascend together!

You are the Rainbow Warriors who are here to take this grand step forward in your soul's evolution. This is your Time to Be the Best! To Shine as a Thousand Stars across the Universe! Walk Boldly on this Path Now! Be not faint of heart! Courage and Strength are needed NOW! You are All Greatly Loved! Love ALL, even those who wish you harm. Stand in the Light for you Are a Light unto this World! Courage!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle Monday November 23, 2009 5:40 pm