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A to Z of what's right with America

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

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(NaturalNews) Ah, America. Land of the free. Home of the brave. Baseball and apple pie. It's all so irresistibly attractive that it's begging for a list of 26 awesome things about America.

So I asked the NaturalNews Facebook team to come up with an A-to-Z list of what's right with America. You'll find the complete list below.

In case you're feeling more pessimistic, by the way, we've also published an A-to-Z of what's wrong with America. You can find that list at:

A to Z of what's right with America - The list

A is for Alternative medicine - Although the Associated Press hasn't figured it out yet, alternative medicine is cheaper, safer and more effective than pharmaceuticals and surgery.

B is for Breastfeeding - Because the best milk is mother's milk.

C is for the Constitution - Without it, this website wouldn't even exist and free speech would be stifled.

D is for Democracy - Despite all its shortcomings, Democracy is still the best form of government the world has come up with.

E is for Education - Although it's not perfect, we still have some outstanding schools and teachers teaching our nation's youth some important skills and knowledge.

F is for Farmer's Markets - The last place in the country where you can still buy real food grown by real people.

G is for home Gardening - Turn your lawn into a garden and you'll have your own food supply!

H is for Herbs - The best medicine, made by Mother Nature.

I is for Internet - The last medium of freedom. Without it, we'd all still be plugged into the Matrix.

J is for Juicing - Because drinking raw, living vegetable juices is perhaps the single best thing you can do for your own health.

K is for Kayaking- And all the other stuff you can do in the great outdoors across America's amazing national and state parks.

L is for Liberty - While we still have some left, it might be a good idea to protect it.

M is for Meditation and Massage therapy - Both are really healthy, relaxing activities available all across America.

N is for Nutritional supplements - Even though the FDA has tried to destroy the industry, you can still find an amazing assortment of nutritional supplements across the USA.

O is for Organics - Thank God we have chemical-free foods and personal care products available -- and an organization working to protect them (

P is for the People - Without whom this nation would not exist. The American People have amazing diversity, creativity and resilience.

Q is for Quantum shift in consciousness - It's happening right now, and it could help uplift the nation into a whole new paradigm soon.

R is for Random acts of kindness - Despite all its problems, America is still a place where you can find kind, compassionate people who are willing to lend a helping hand.

S is for Superfoods - America offers a huge, diverse assortment of medicinal superfoods. Just visit any health food store!

T is for Traditional Chinese Medicine - Okay, it doesn't sound truly American, but the fact is that TCM is achieving wild success across the country, and now many American TCM practitioners are helping people heal with the power of medicinal herbs and acupuncture.

U is for YOU! - YOU are what's right with America. Keep up the great efforts. U ROCK!

V is for Voting - Although it isn't perfect, it's still the best way we have going for people to exercise some control over the laws of the land.

W is for Wilderness - It's one of the most impressive things about America: The vast expanses of diverse, gorgeous wilderness.

X is for Xenodochial - It's a word you've probably never heard of, but it means being friendly to strangers. Lou Dobbs is eXcluded.

Y is for Yoga - America has become a hub for yoga activity. No matter what kind of yoga you're interested in, you can find it in a major American city.

Z is for Zoos and MuZeums - America has lots of fantastic zoos and museums where you can learn a wealth of information about the world around you.