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Kuan Yin on Compassion for the Dark Little Ones

Susan Leland

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Dear Lights,
This is truly a difficult time period to try to come forth with compassion for evil, the dark. Personally, its hard for me, due to years of torment from a dark, evil one and still present. Yet we must make effort. This is very insightful regarding the children of dark parents, the Illuminati.

"Greetings, most beloved and honored Family.  I AM Kuan Yin and I come to congratulate you also on the great works which you have accomplished in the name of Love and loving Compassion.  And I choose to tell you that even as you are breathing easier and enjoying this grand flowing of the Light of Love even more into your beings, there are those who are [receiving this] for the first time, because they have been of the dark for so long they don't remember the Light.  But it is your constancy, Beloved Ones, your beaming to them which is causing many of them for the first time to open hearts to the Love Light.


"Now we are not talking about artificial creations of dark energies, we're not talking about programs or technologies.  We're talking about the ones who wherever they are, whether they are on Planet Earth, whether they are represented on Planet Earth as holographic representations or doubles or clones or whatever, whether they are somewhere enroute to someplace else, whether they are among those who have already been taken to that place of justice called The Hague, there are many who are finally starting to get it.


"When Ashtar said the Illuminati are being illuminated, he said it with great Joy but he spoke Truth.  And from the compassionate perspective there is Gratitude even among some of those who have been so recalcitrant, so unwilling to step into the Light .  So we ask that you embrace them, that you send them a loving welcome.  Red carpets have been spoken of; send one to them to welcome them back, even if they are not ready to take their place with you on the Ascension Path, it matters not.  Thank them with nonjudgmental Forgiveness for all that they have done to illumine your path, to show you the difference between Love and fear, to help you to create and to walk through your lessons, painful though many of them have been.


"We ask you to go even a step farther, and remember it has not been easy for them.  There have been exercises that you have done where you have taken their children, taken them as children, seen them as children and invited them to play.  For these ones who have been brought up in the traditions of the darkness, they never really were able to play as children.  They were given treatment that was brutal at times, frightening, in order to be sure that whatever Light they came into the body with was snuffed out quite early, so that they would faithfully follow the dictates and the programs and adopt as their own the goals of their parents and other masters.


"And so if it is easier for you, we suggest that you direct your Compassion toward these ones as children.  If you see them upon your television screens as adults standing before the judges in chains of some kind, in fear, that is the time to send them your compassionate Love and Gratitude and above all your Forgiveness.   They have created the judgments upon themselves that will be announced at this trial and at those that will come up before the Galactic Federation.


"Send them the Light that they may rejoice that they are finally free from the chains that have held them even more in bondage than the most brutally treated of slaves on Planet Earth. They came to enslave, but they themselves were the true slaves. They had born into them genetically and instilled in them environmentally the ruthlessness, the brutality, all of the merciless acts, and the words that they spoke even, and just to be sure that they were really on track, they had to be most merciless, most brutal to their own children.


"For all of you who are in touch and in tune with your inner child, or who have had children to care for or nurture at some point in your lives, imagine your first and foremost assignment is to turn your children into mean, uncompassionate, brutal beings, so that they would be fit to carry on in the traditions established by their controllers.  And all manner of dark energies were here.


"If you have ever had any kind of an experience with a fire-breathing dragon as a for-instance, and then your parent or someone told you it was only a nightmare or a story and it wasn't real, so you could be free from that fear.  These children have been told as children the Truth that there really were fierce dragons to be afraid of and many other monsters.  They have lived in constant terror.  When they have seemed to be happy and gloating they have not really been able to be free from that fear. And you all know that when you are in fear it is hard to celebrate or enjoy very much of anything about your lives.


"We're telling you this not to make you feel depressed or sad, but simply so that you can extend to them this Gratitude, this Compassion and this Love and Forgiveness that we are talking about here.  It is necessary for you to understand, because it helps, does it not?  So you can offer healing to them as you would a child.  And you'll be speaking Truth to them.  And Peace on Earth becomes a reality as you do so, and Love, only Love is all that there is.  So open your hearts, Beloved Ones, because you are so wondrous indeed.  You have so much Love within you and you have so much ability to convey that Love and the Compassion that springs from it.


"So we ask that you focus upon this even as you do your celebrating, share it as you do your gratitudes and praisings of you, your lives, everyone else.  Be sure to include these ones in it.  All that you desire to come about is even facilitated more by your sweetness, by your loving Compassion, and by your being the great Lights that you are upon this Planet.  And so we ask that you focus upon this.  Just close your eyes for a moment and breathe in the Love and send it out accompanying Compassion and Forgiveness and Gratitude.  And feel the Angels coming to join with you and hear them sing 'Joy to the World', indeed.


"And all those you call the Ascended Ones and all of your Starseed Brothers and Sisters, trillions and trillions of wondrous Light beings, extending the red carpet to you to welcome you to your Joy, your Bliss, your higher dimensions of being, and at the same time asking you to extend the red carpet to these ones of whom we've been speaking.  Everyone come together for a hug.  Everyone see the Light in everyone else, because that, Beloved Ones, is the Truth of the Universe.  And if there are those who would stay outside of the circle of hugs, send them your Love, your Compassion, your Forgiveness and Gratitude anyway, that they might enjoy at least a glimmer of the Light and of Peace on Earth, which is declared now and evermore.


"And so we thank you, Beloved Ones, and we say 'Congratulations!'  You are so loved and you are so appreciated.  One we are - never ever apart.  And if there is a moment when you have a human feeling of anger, allow it, extend the Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude to your beautiful Selves.  And know that I, Kuan Yin, stand in service to all and I AM happy to come with a gentle loving reminder to you, so that you can wash over the entire situation when you're ready with Compassion and the great Love that you are.  And so it is and ever shall be!  Namaste!"


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