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Robert Lewanski

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1. EAT ONLY WHEN TRULY HUNGRY. Mouth waters, hunger in throat, tongue is pink & clear. Happy & relaxed. Food digest well—no bloating or fatigue after meals. Overeating is indulging in sensual mind appetite—causing body illness & spiritual insensitivity.

2. PROPER ACID/ALKALINE & YIN/YANG BALANCE. Eat more raw fruits & vegetables with some cooked foods in warm/hot weather. You can eat more cooked grains, soups, beans, casseroles in winter, & less raw foods to keep warm & good internal balance in cold weather.

3. EAT ONLY WHOLE NATURAL FOODS MOSTLY. Choose whole grains cooked: wheat, brown rice, millet, oats, corn, buckwheat, barley & rye. Eat fresh organic chemical-free vegetables & fruits, seeds & nuts. Avoid processed & preserved foods. Use Sea Vegetables—rich in minerals & very healthy for immunity & organs.

4. CHEW FOOD WELL. Stomach’s have no teeth. Chewing well brings out the sweet taste in foods. Meat loses flavor when chewed long—therefore not a good choice of whole food. When sick fast 1 to 5 days, or eat only vegetables & rice. Whole food complex carbohydrate digestion starts in the mouth with the saliva enzyme Ptylin, which converts food into nutrients usable by body.

Chewing develops spirituality & sensitivity. Mental clarity & good judgment improves with mastication, & leads to satisfaction after eating, and minimizes overeating.

5. NEVER EAT IN PAIN, TIRED OR IN EMOTIONAL DISTRESS. These states cause body enervation & impedes digestive juices, & causes indigestion & toxins to accumulate in the organs of assimilation & elimination. Eat when relaxed & cheerful.

Wait until you are calm to eat. Rest.

6. AVOID HOT & COLD FOOD. This suspends digestion & wastes body energy. Eat food warm, but not too hot. Avoid iced drinks before, during and after meals. It creates mucous & digestive problems.

7. FASTING OR CLEANSING DIET. Water fasts, Lemon Juice Cleans, raw fruits & vegetables, & their juices are all good body cell, organ & blood cleansers when the body requires it. Best time is Spring or Summer.

8. FOOD COMBINING. Incompatibility in foods can cause gastric upsets in some people. Avoid raw fruits with any cooked carbs or protein. Eat raw fruit on empty stomach, especially melons, all fruit digests quickly,(15 minutes), & if eaten with other foods, can cause gas, bloating & indigestion. Acid raw fruits can be combined with proteins, like lemon or pineapple with fish or nuts/seeds or nut milk

9. EAT ONLY TO 80% CAPACITY. Stop before full. Overeating causes excess diseases—more is taken in than eliminated. Overeating brings blood to lower digestive system, & takes blood away from the brain. Clarity is diminished with full stomach. An alert clear mind equals success, inner security, good health and longevity.

10. ENJOY YOUR FOOD. Eat with the spirit of thankfulness, gratitude & enjoyment


Your daily food is your internal medicine. Choose whole foods wisely; proper prepar-ation of daily meals is crucial to well-being.

Most illnesses are avoided with proper nutrition. No need for doctors if you eat healthy and well, with good insight.


Body is not separate from Heaven & Earth.

We are ONE with Great Nature. Incorrect attitude to think we are separate from this earth. To enhance physical sensitivity & spiritual cultivation, eat more vegetable foods. Lessen animal foods, dairy & refined sugar of all kinds, excessive fruits & juices.

These foods weaken our ability to feel, heal & diagnosis other’s diseased conditions.

Eating well increases awareness that we & the earth are One Integrated Whole. Our understanding & sensitivity will increase dramatically, with clarity & wisdom.

13. GO OUTDOORS AFTER MEALS & NO CLOSE WORK. This practice can improve your health & longevity dramatically. Why? Oxygen helps to digest food. Indoor, close work, reading, tv, or computer work after meals causes poor digestion and blood stagnation in the head, & not enough blood in the stomach to facilitate proper food digestion. Walk at least 30 minutes after meals and look softly into the distance. This one practice, according to Dr. Sasaki, an eye doctor from Ann Arbor, MI, can add 20 to 30 healthy years to your life. Even 15 minutes will help.

14. NEVER EAT A HEAVY MEAL BEFORE BED TIME. This is a big no-no if you want health & mental clarity, & keep slim. Eating at night puts on weight for Kapha(Water) types, & causes mental sluggishness in all people. Night hours after 5, 6, or 7pm are for healing & rejuvenation of cells, not for ingesting heavy proteins & other foods. Eat your last meal before sunset if possible, or at least 3 or 4 hours before sleep. Sleeplessness is causes mostly from overeating late or over-drinking all day.

15. EXERCISE DAILY. Our bodies were made to move each day. Walking 2-4 miles a day is good. Do yoga daily. Get a massage, perform chi kung movements. Use light weights & squatting exercises for tone.

16. DRINK PURE LIQUIDS WHEN THIRSTY ONLY. No animal in nature drinks when they are not thirsty. If you eat enough vegetables, grains & fruit (whole foods), your thirst will be normal. Over-

drinking is the cause of much kidney, bladder, colon & stomach problems. Water is not an inert substance. Water causes water-logging of entire body if taken to excess. The man who wrote the book on drinking more water, died of a water disease—water on the lungs—pneumonia!

17. REST OR SLEEP WHEN FATIGUED OR EXHAUSTED. When you body is tired, rest. When you are fatigued or exhausted, rest. When you are sleeply, sleep & rest. Your body knows best & give you signals daily. Heed the signals.

18. MODERATION IN ALL THINGS. Taoist, Buddhist & Yoga teachings all say to avoid extremes. “Extremes” cause extreme disease conditions in the body organs, muscles & cause body/mind/spirit imbalances, leading to suffering & illness.


Live in the Now Moment as you move through your daily activities, & all your wishes will be realized.


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