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Saint Germain

Channeled by Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack

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A message from  Saint Germain  channeled by  Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Wednesday, 6 August, 2008  at Romania  (posted 7 August, 2008)

On August 8th and for sometime thereafter, humanity will have an opportunity to open toward prosperity consciousness. You will learn that prosperity, security, and a sense of well-being are gifts that you give to each other. Not things that you take from one another or enjoy at someone else's expense. The Earth will no longer support you in this, and neither will you.
A major transformation is taking place now, and it has nothing to do with an apparent scarcity of resources. This is pure fiction. There has always been enough. All of your key resources are renewable.
If you are truly lacking anything now, it is the collective realization that all of your lives are interconnected. That you, your neighbors, and your world beat to the pulse of a Common Heart.
Prosperity Begins with Charity, Charity Begins with the Heart
My friends, soon you will experience what the rest of the Universe already knows: That prosperity begins with charity, and charity begins with the heart.
You will learn that what you give to yourself, you can easily give to another. But what you deny to others, will be denied to you - not because you are being punished, but because your hearts are closed. A closed heart, like a tightened fist, can neither give nor receive.
Shutting the doors to your heart does not protect your treasures. Instead, it locks you inside and denies you everything. You imagine that you are safe and secure, but you are not. You inhabit a prison, where your only concern is survival and you jealously guard everything you think is yours for fear that it will be taken from you.
How can you ever hope to know joy and comfort this way?
Know this. You are interdependent. You are individual points of consciousness within the Greater Life of the God Source. This is your joy and your prosperity.
Are you prepared to accept this now?
The opportunities that are upon you as a global community will advance you greatly in this, if you allow it. Stand united in this desire and it shall be so.
The Paradox of Individuality and Interdependence
Many of you have come to understand the paradox of your individuality and interdependence.
First of all, you have acknowledged that you are unique, sovereign reflections of the One God. And because of this, you are beginning to live your lives as your Soul does - centered in its love for you and anchored in its connection to Source. This is the New You.
You also understand the nature of relationships. You remember what is essential - that you need nothing from anyone else, because You Are Everything. In knowing this, you do not permit others to become dependent upon you, and you do not allow yourself to become dependent on others. Instead, you remember to share your Divinity. You expand yourselves in the only way possible - by sharing God's love with each other. This is the meaning of New Relationships.
Finally, you acknowledge that you are interconnected, and you welcome it. Just as a symphony depends upon all its members to create a unified musical experience, so your complete experience of Divinity depends upon each of you expressing yourselves fully, but in overall group harmony. You know that your unified experience of Divinity is truly greater than the sum of its parts, just as God Is - and you relish this.
All of humanity must come to an understanding of your Common Life. The only way this can be accomplished is through direct experience. There is nothing theoretical about it. It is that simple. Soon the mass of humanity will experience the reality of your interdependence around issues of prosperity.
What Is the Cause of Prosperity?
Perhaps you have worked with your own issues of prosperity with varying degrees of success. You may know, for example, that attracting abundance requires your clarity, focused intention, and loving self-acceptance. But there is more to it than this. You cannot do this in a vacuum. To CAUSE yourselves to be abundant you must be willing to give and receive from each other. There is no other way. You must open your hearts.
Why is this so?
Because God is the Source of your prosperity, and collectively You Are God, also. These facts are undeniable. One cannot exist without the other. You can choose to remember this as individuals, as many of you have done, but that alone is not enough. Collectively you must decide to live that way, too. Again, it is as simple as that.
Awakening to Your Prosperity
You all have roles to play in this global awakening - in remembering that the life you share as God is the cause of your prosperity. You cannot fail to have a role in this, any more than the cells of your body can refuse to accept the heart's nourishment, or the corpuscles in your arteries deny oxygen to the rest of your body.
In the coming times, you will all play your parts. Some of you will give to others in greater measure, while others may receive more. This is only temporary. Do not become fixated on the illusion of imbalance. What is truly important is that by playing your part, you will collectively remember an important Truth About You - that you interdependence is the source of your prosperity.
You will learn that by giving and receiving from each other, without agenda or ulterior motive, you will all prosper. And you will no longer permit abuses of this kind upon your planet again.
I Am Saint-Germain.

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