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Kryon Message: 'Current Events'

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Asheville, North Carolina

July 12 , 2008

"Current Events"

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Current Events

This live channelling was Given in Asheville, North Carolina

July 12, 2008

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Asheville, North Carolina.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Some will say, "It has come too quickly [the entrance of Kryon into Lee]. A Human Being should not be able to make the jump to the other side of the veil that fast." You don't realize that the new energy on this planet promotes a system that you don't understand yet. It is not like the old days, you know? This message represents a creator who wants to be found. That is to say, when you take the hand of the Higher-Self, it does not let go. I live with this man [Lee] and he knows it. The Higher-Self is even part of the Kryon. This is difficult to explain, but so is yours!

Dear Human Being, there are those here who say what's happening is not real. There are those here, who sit in the chairs, who say that this man speaking is pretending to channel. So let's get to it! In this space, I am creating energy, with your allowance, that is going to fill the space between your chairs with an energy soup that is the love of God. I'm inviting into this place, right now, all of those in the group who represent those you have loved and lost. In addition, those who were born before you, who you think you don't know, are here. And, in just a few minutes, the energy is going to shift in this place. Then I'll ask you if it's real. Then you'll realize that this is the voice from the other side of the veil with information that is being linearized for you through the man who sits in the chair. It's all done through the process of what we call the love for humanity. It is all done so that you will hear things you should hear. Translating from nonlinear to linear - that is the definition of what a channeller does.

The room is starting to adjust. Some of you just felt that one (an energy adjustment) - do you know who it is sitting next to you yet? Some of you do, because you've allowed it. Some of you do.

Oh, Humans, if you had the Kryon picture, you would see what I see. I know who you are; I know your name when you're not here (your name when you are not on Earth). This is such a small part of us, this Human experience you are experiencing, such a small part of who we are. You and I - I speak to your Higher-Self - you and I watched the earth be created. You and I have been on other Earths before. You've heard words in other languages before (ones that are not spoken here on Earth); you've been other shapes before (meaning other biological beings). This is not new to you, dear one, but you don't remember. You're not supposed to remember, but inside there is a knowing, a feeing that is an intuitive knowing that you are an old soul, part of the creation energy, and you know I'm right.

Let me take you for a moment to the potential of your last breath [a picture of your death]. Tell me: What will you think then? What will your perception be at your last breath? You see, there is not one in here who is new, not one [speaking of those in the room]. All of you have been here before. I'm speaking to a choir of old souls, every one, even the unbelievers. What happens at your last breath? I'll tell you: When you give up the ghost, as they say, and that Human part of you starts to dissolve and give itself back to the dirt, as they say, the collection that you used to be before you got here starts to come together. In three Earth days, your transition is complete. A trip to the Cave of Creation occurs during this time, where you give up your Human attributes to the crystalline, and all that you ever were and everything you learned becomes an "experience ring" seemingly on a unique crystal - like a ring of a tree that tells the crystal who you are and what you have done. It becomes part of the earth and never leaves the earth. Everything you learned and everything you did stays right here in 3D. Then the sacred part of you joins me and we have a celebration. Then you start to hear the music again.

I've spoken of this before, and each one of you knows of what I speak. The music is always playing on the other side of the veil, on my side. Even when I'm here speaking to you, it plays to me. It's not really music, but I've just metaphorically linearized an energy that is always around me, which is the composite of God, and called it music. It is beautiful. It is what some of you get in a sleep state; it is what makes you breathe easier. That's what makes you feel loved, dear ones. Do you know about the music? [Kryon smile]

The room starts to heat up even more than it should because there's more here than there was a few moments ago. Oh, the message is not necessarily that metaphysically profound today, since I'm going to do something I don't do often: I'm going to speak about current events. We don't normally do that, but some like it, so that is why I've told my partner to transcribe it. Here we are in a circle, the continuous circle of life. When I see you, I see all of your lives together and the potentials of all of your own futures. I see those who started humanity, and those who will close it. You've done this before, dear ones.

[Kryon pause]

There's a shaman in the room who's just awakening, who is starting to see his shamanic energy. It's taken a long time, and he knows who he is. There are other old souls in this room who have no concept of what is in the rings of their crystal [meaning their past-life experiences]. I'll speak of that in a moment. In fact, I'm going to give you six energies [subjects] and that will be the last one.

Number one. Let us speak of current events. Something is happening right now you should know about. It's very, very current. Right below your feet is the magma of the earth, the core of the earth. It's shifting. That is to say, the center, which is molten, is slowing down. If you look in the right places, you'll see this in your news. It's slowing down! This is creating the lessening of the magnetic grid. That is to say, it is starting to decrease in its gauss (unit of magnetic measurement). This lessening is measurable; scientists can measure it. It is happening right now.

It is part of the shift that we speak of, and part of the new year, 2008. We told you it was coming and here we are in the seventh month of a "one" year [2008 as seen in numerology]. The number seven is a sacred number. You know that, don't you? And if you've done your numerology and you have looked at what we have said, you would expect it now, would you not? And here it is. It is a continuation in the physical properties of the planet that we told you about 18 years ago. It is appropriate.

Do not fear it! There are those who say you're headed for a magnetic flip. Indeed, you are. However, the potential is that it will not be in your lifetime, but eventually it will take place. If you expect it, there will be no chaos. In the past, it has hovered at a zero energy for hundreds of years before the flip. But not this time. However, the potentials are that it will not be in your lifetime.

Earth responds to your consciousness. The very reason the magnetic grid is growing less is so that the distance between you and the veil will be minimized. This is a way of saying that the communications to your cellular DNA, your memory itself, your crystalline, is becoming grander and greater because the veil is becoming limited. All of this is to say, the tools are growing. It's supposed to be this way. You're headed for a vibration of the planet as it's never seen before. You're headed for a 2012 experience, the beginning of the planting of the seeds for a vibrational increase for the physical planet. That is what is upon you.

Now, let me insert something that I wish my partner to add to this message in transcription [what you are reading now]. If you are headed into a time of shift of vibration that is higher, do you really think that this would be the appropriate time to terminate most of you? However, there are those who channel this. The seeming dichotomy is that the potentials are that Humans will eventually change so much that it will appear as a "death of the masses" to many a "see-er." It's really a death of the old energy on the planet. Therefore, we again tell you that those who glimpse into the future often come back with messages that are just skimming the surface of a 3D reality. They see massive shift and report it as being death. It isn't.

When your children are about to graduate, is that a time to pull them out of school? God is not in a vacuum and knows the work you have done through eons of time. This is a special, exciting time, dear one, not the beginning of a horror on Earth.

It is not an accident that you're here now in 2008, dear Human Being. There are those who have said, "Well, what do we do about it?" The answer is, You are "it." Just be. Continue the work you're doing, and just be. This is not fearful information when we tell you that the earth is going into a higher vibrational rate. If I had any advice at all for you - any advice - I would say to you, "Let your children go." Let them be what they are. Do not force them into your consciousness. Watch them. Observe what they think, and design your teachings [education] around what they ask for, and not what you want based on an older consciousness. You'll be better off for it. Give them guidance and love and discipline, but let them go their own way with how they learn about the things they must learn. I'll give you advice all the way through these current events. I always do. That was number one.

Number Two: Next month [August 2008], a grand experiment takes place. The largest machine on Earth comes online [starts up] studying the smallest things that exist, things that are invisible. We speak now of the large atomic accelerator in Switzerland... current events. There are many who have said, "This is dangerous." It is not. No more energy will be created there than is present in the barrage of cosmic energy that hits the earth every moment of every second. All they are doing is creating that same energy in a controlled way so that they may study it. They cannot study it when it's random.

They use protons and anti-protons and they speed them up to 90% (+) of the speed of light. Then they crash them into each other in the largest physical experiment that's ever been. Let me tell you what the potentials are, and remember you heard it here first. [Kryon smile] What they're looking for is interdimensional energy. They are looking for what they suspect must be there, and they will find it. They will find it because they're looking at Universal creative energy. Let me tell you the profundity of what they're about to discover within this next decade: They will re-write the scenario of how the Universe started. The Big Bang never was (as we have discussed with you many times). The very idea of the Big Bang is a three-dimensional explanation of an interdimensional attribute. Universes are created all the time through interdimensional shift - when one dimension literally collides with another. It's a grand quantum event. This is when you get all of the attributes that you describe as the Big Bang.

A review: In 3D, you had many scientists looking at what they felt was proof of the Big Bang theory. They had found the residual of what they thought was proof (cosmological constant). Names like Hubble and others were at the forefront of this. However, this is now about to be challenged by the observation of the smallest particles known.

First, even the Big Bang theory had to be interdimensional at its beginning. For there is acknowledgment that everything traveled faster than light and everything happened all at once. Back in those days of this theory, it was simply understood that somehow there was a break in 3D for a moment in order to create what you see. Today that would have been seen as an attribute of a quantum event, and that's what this laboratory will discover, for they are about to see the residual of an interdimensional collision. It's everywhere. It's the new cosmological constant. Once you begin to see the dimensions that are invisible or at least see the attributes that they trace in the explosions that are artificially created, it will be obvious. All of this is to say to you in this cryptic way that this particular experiment is safe, long term, and your science will finally be able to see interdimensionality at its best.

When nothing happens, and the earth is not swallowed up in a black hole created in Switzerland, will you remember this message? Will you look at those who said otherwise and hold them responsible for the drama they created? We shall see. That was number two.

When there are things on this planet that need for you to be warned about, then watch for a consensus of warning from all of us. Remember HAARP? [Kryon Book Six, 1997] We warned you and you responded. This experiment was seen as dangerous by most of Europe, and steps were taken to temper what the facility could and could not do. When many were watching, it was very difficult to accomplish secret things. Remember this.

Number Three: I'm going to rewind time for a moment and go back 10 years. I sat in front of you then and I gave you information about your energy crisis. Now you're in it. So I will explain yet again some of the things that you can do about it. I'm going to give you the same information I gave you before, for many need to hear it now who did not hear it before. This particular message has the potential of hitting the ears of someone who you would say in 3D is abundant. That is to say, they can make things happen because they have the purse strings to do so. So I challenge the one who hears this with deep pockets, for this will only make you more abundant, and it is logical and makes so much sense... even more now than before.

There are two energy sources on this planet that have always been there that are free. Free! The technology to claim them (make them work) has also been developed. Did I say they were free? Listen: First, you wonder why the moon is there? Did anyone ever ask Spirit, "Why do we have a moon?" I'll tell you why: So that you could power your cities! Not too many have thought of this.

The moon gives you motion of massive amounts of water on a timetable that has never changed for centuries. It gives you hundreds of thousands of tons of push/pull energy for free. It's always there and always will be. Indeed, where most of your large cities are, the waves and the tides provide the power to light them up. It will provide the power for every single city you can build from now until the day the earth is no longer. There is no limit to the amount of electricity that you could provide yourselves, even to the degree of plugging in your electric cars, and it's free and non polluting.

All you have to do is to build the apparatus that will contain it, and some already have. You know how to capture push/pull energy, whether it be a paddle wheel or a float. All of this has been designed. There are more than three cities currently on the earth who derive most of their power from tides. Look for them in the North. They're not in this country (USA). They already have the technology to power your cities, if you'll allow it to be. Did I mention it's free? The source is there for nothing, and you don't have to burn any oil for it; and you don't have to burn any coal for it; and you don't have to take anything from Gaia for it. Let Gaia push and pull its way to a freedom from the sources that you have now, which hurt the planet every day. It is here, it always has been, and it's not going away - massive power, given to you to harness and provide light and transportation.

The next one is a little harder, but just as obvious. You have many ways of creating power. One of the most complex and difficult to understand and build is the nuclear power plant. When you are finished with a five-year construction project, all you have when you finished is having created an expensive steam engine. For all nuclear power does is create heat. This creates steam to drive a generator in circles, which then creates your electricity. It is, therefore, a glorified steam engine.

There is another glorified steam engine called the magma of Earth. Everywhere you drill, it gets hot. The further you go down, it gets real hot. Did you think about that? If you want heat, all you have to do is drill for it! Now, this is difficult because you have to go down a long way. It becomes more difficult because there are by-products that are involved that complicate the safety and viability. The technology must be developed to tap the heat, to make a steam engine that's forever. Start by building these holes in the hot spots. The hot spots are defined as those places on the earth where the magma is close to the surface. How about starting at the Pacific Rim, for instance? This is where all the volcanoes are, for instance - and where many of your largest cities are, for instance. You will find all the power you need to create steam is right below your feet.

Is it worth it to invest in this technology? That's up to you. How much longer do you wish to extract pieces and parts of the earth, burn them up and put them in the atmosphere? Now, what is that worth to you? So again we say, as clear as we've ever said it to you from the other side of the veil, that these power sources have always existed. They exist for you to create electricity, to power your cities, to power your vehicles, and it has always been a free source ready for you to invest in how to capture it. That was number three.

Number four. We have some simple advice about the weather. Understand that it's not going to get better. If you sit and wish for it, that will not make it better. We have explained it before, so we will say it again. You're in a water cycle that is profoundly set to create a mini ice age. It may seem odd to you that it gets hot before it has to get cold, but if you will look into your geology records, you will find the exact same thing has happened before. You didn't have the record keeping back then in the 1400s, but it happened then and you survived it then. So we say to you, the winds will return, and our advice is to prepare for this by creating a situation where you acclimate to the new weather.

Learn to anticipate it; build differently. Feel free not to build where danger is, or learn to build in safer places. But the admonishment is this: Don't be shocked when it returns. It will return. Don't be surprised when the levees break again south of you, because they will. You'd be much better off to move the dirt around in that town, and build on higher ground. [The berm system that Kryon mentioned in the past, where you build houses on what look like large strip-rows of raised dirt, where only the streets are below the water level. The houses are all built on the dirt strips, emulating the way crops are watered.] That is smart. We'll see if it happens. "What are you saying, Kryon?" I am saying that Human Beings can adapt as they have in the past, and the way you can now. If you start thinking smarter, you can adapt for the weather changes. Take charge of how you affect it, not how it affects you. Turn weather catastrophes into weather events.

Also, do not fear what is happening. Do not project what you see today into some kind of drama that you expect tomorrow. The warming is a pre-cursor to cold, just as in the past... just as in the past. You can sit around and worry about it, or you can prepare for it. That was number four.

Number five and number six are a lot more esoteric and that's why you came, isn't it? [Smile] Number five - the energy of thought of this planet is shifting. It is shifting greatly, just like we said it would. Humans are thinking in a different fashion. Many of them are starting to have understandings and have epiphanies, even about science. New thinking is afoot about how things work. We told you they would eventually do this.

Those who will never be esoteric are giving you esoteric information and they're calling it science. Discoveries are being made that will lead to interdimensional thought. Science is being rewritten as to what is real and what is not. All of this is in line with what we told you were the potentials of this planet.

Now, how does that reflect in the current events? You're on the cusp of something and I will tell you what it is. Dear humanity, you really can have peace on Earth, but there will be gyrations that you will go through in the process of learning what you want and what you don't want. But in this year, and especially the next, 2009, there are some potentials for you to watch for. Remember, you heard it here first. [Kryon smile]

It's an 11 year. Eleven numerologically has many kinds of meanings. What it means to you in old numerology doesn't matter. What it means, however, is that 11 is the number of this age. We told you that when we showed up. In 1989, I gave you in the first transmission in the first book, the meanings of 11. Now, here you are, coming up to an 11 year yet again (2009). Only this one is the last 11 you're going to get before 2012. That ought to be significant to you. It's the only 11 with this energy. Here's what I'm going to tell you: Watch for the young people of this planet to make differences in this next year - differences you don't expect from youth.

One of the biggest is the potential overthrow of dictators. This is the potential we spoke of where we told you the chest-pounding dictators of this earth are on their way out, and will be replaced by benevolent leadership. It is the beginning of a shift of consciousness of what leadership should be to government, and what ordinary Human Beings are going to expect from their leadership.

In an old energy, there was an expectation of government in many lands that was simply tolerated. Without it, there would be chaos. So whichever kind of government was created in your land was acceptable. That is an old energy concept, for it led to those who would be in control without integrity. That's going to shift. It's going to shift in your own land as well. For Human Beings are going to start to expect leadership with integrity. That is new. Watch for it.

In 2009, there's a potential for a major shift in a country that I'm not going to mention, but it's going to be caused by the young people of the country. Those who you would never feel could even care are going to rise up and make a difference. Watch for it and when you see it, don't look at the news and say, "This is bad." Don't look at the news and say, "Look at those who died." Don't look at the news and see the drama. I want to tell you there are those who have come to this planet just so they could be part of that very thing! There are those who have come to this planet just so they could be part of it and return home, then come back and do something even greater! I want to tell you the overview of this is far grander than you think.

Congratulate those who have decided to pass on for this reason, for they made a shift that is heroic. That is what we see. The whole planet is involved in this kind of celebration. It really will change the future, you know? Can you celebrate appropriateness?

Finally, number six. Personal potential. We'll make this one short, although there will come a time when it is not short.

Your DNA is changing. It is changing because of the magnetic influences that are beginning to change around it. This is what we spoke of when we first came here. I call myself the magnetic master. It's is a three-dimensional, linear term to get your attention to what's going on. My group moved the magnetic grid because you allowed for it. You really don't yet understand what Human consciousness does for this planet. Human consciousness is a demand, an instruction set for those forces that are esoteric that surround this planet.

It's backwards from what you think: There are those on the earth wondering what God is doing, never understanding it's what they are doing. The personal potential of each Human is going to rise very significantly. Potential: The promise of the manifestation of energy in the future. However, nothing happens to you unless you ask for it. If you sit on the floor and there is abundance in the other room, you have potential to be abundant. But if you never get up, you will die hungry and poor. You see? Nothing happens unless you do something. Yet when that person meets God, they often yell, "You said I was going to be abundant!" See what's happening?

The ability to rewrite DNA, the ability to change your attributes that you came in with, the ability to "think above" the cellular level, the ability to be able to claim pieces and parts of the Akash are all there.

What this means is this: That which you were, which is part of your own crystalline crystal in the Cave of Creation, can be mined [tapped]. It means that you can go back and pick up the best parts of you within the system of the Akash, and it's about time. For that is what we see. We see you as an entire Human string - the core Higher-Self of all your lifetimes you've ever lived. That's what we see when we look upon you. We don't see your life now. We see the old souls - who you've been and what you've learned. We know how full your spiritual jar is, based upon all the things that you have ever studied in all the lifetimes you've ever lived. That's what's in your DNA, dear one. That's what accessible - very accessible.

When you start pushing on the door of your own spirituality, don't be surprised when the door pushes back a little. To some, it's scary. It's part of the new way - a cooperation with God that even shouts that you're part of the system. Oh, Human Being, you're not just a Human Being looking to God for something. You are part of God! You are my partner in this, and always have been. That has been the message of Kryon. That is the message of Kryon today. More profound it becomes, and so more profound it is.

Now we're about ready to leave.


There are those listening and seeing this message who are not in your time frame. If you will allow me for a moment to speak to them.

Dear listener and reader, you sit there and you're listening, some of you, most of you, alone to this message. You are reading alone, and you're thinking to yourself, "Oh, this channelling happened in the past. Isn't it sweet, isn't it nice? I think I'll write some of these things down." Well, I want to tell you something: You're involved right now. For in the very aspect of you having the intent to listen to this or read this, you have created an energy that allows you to be surrounded by those you've loved and lost, by those in other lifetimes that continue to surround you, in an energy that you call your guides. There is a lot going on right now around you, as you think you are tuning into something that happened in the past. But you are not just tuning into something that happened in the past, for I'm talking to you personally right now, since I can see the potentials. I know the potential that you're listening and reading, and see, you are!

Such is the way quantumness works. Spirit has the ability to see things out of time, but the potential existed for you to be there and you are. Therefore, even though those in this room don't have any idea who I'm talking to, I do. I will tell you it is no accident that you are here with your ears and eyes any more that it's an accident that there are those here in this time frame with their bodies in the chairs before me. It's a stretch, isn't it, Human Being, to become interdimensional?

It is the love of God that surrounds you right now. That's what you're feeling, all of you - those in this time frame and those in the other. You see, the Creator wants to be found and that's what you are learning in this age. There is a cooperation, a partnership, not worship. Because we're family, dear Human.

And so it is that we say that there has been a dispensation even right now of allowance for belief that such things could even begin to be real, and they are. They are real, especially the one that says, "I'm going to wash your feet," [Kryon speaking of himself here] because some of you have felt me. These words are sacred in the same energy that all of the other scriptures are. They may not be written in the same way; they may not reach the same masses, but your DNA heard them. And the messages went into you so that today you could feel the love of God and recognize home.

So be it and so it is.