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Sananda and the Meadow

Dieter Braun (Indian in the Machine)

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Even the bible "el bib" spiritually spoonfed the masses some truth....."Jesus would bear a new name in 2000 years".

Guess what dear ones....2000 years have passed and Jesus is now known as "Sananda Esu Immanuel".

You may verify this information at is flying around a spaceship and has made his attempt for the masses to notice him.

Did you expect that the Christed One would be flinging his arms in traffic to get you to notice him?

Sananda has made himself known and now it's up to you to seek him out.

Seek out your Creator's chosen him out!

Seek out those who are bringing you Truth.....let their words be like golden Light to your malnourished mind and spirit.

Bask in the radiance of Sananda's words.....allow yourself to but aside the mundanes things of life in order to experience divinity.

The Universe wants you to have divine moments, but it won't force you to if your heart isn't in it.

If you don't want the fifth dimension, the Universe will not take you there.

Sananda wants to assist you, and he loves you.

Sananda has posted channelled messages however many writings that are posted that bear his name are not his and are CIA disinformation and are not his true writings.  If there was ever a time for you to use your discernment, that time would be now.

Imagine your perfect dream and in that dream was a hero to the soul, delicious nourishment to a bruised spirit, hungry for a wholesome serving of Truth.....if I were in your perfect dream and I was playing the role of introducing this heroic being into your presence, that being would be Sananda.  You may meet Sananda via his words, and he says he is but a breathe away from each of us, check out the Phoenix Journals and read Sananda's words,  seek your loving guide, seek your saviour, seek the honourable ones....the divine them out. 

Thank you for sharing this special writing, I hope you talk about Sananda with your loved's all very intriguing and uplifting I simply wish everyone to know about Sananda, however I'm not going to be jumping up and down in traffic either, trying to force people to notice him, however now and again I like to guide people to Sananda.....Sananda is Jesus and he's evolved 2000 years.....stand along side of him and behold. 

I have a special relationship with Sananda and I want you to have a special relationship with him too.Imagine how your Light will blossom if you have a special relationship with the being in the bible known as Jesus, who has evolved 2000 years and is on a spaceship right now beaming messages to earth, softly like a meadow breeze so gentle that only the most sensitive ones would feel it's whisper on their skin.



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