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Relay Relay Relay --- Babaji

Spirit Eagle

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s at this particular time!!  Blessings and Love to All Of You!   Spirit Eagle


I Am Babaji!   Come Dance The DANCE OF LIFE with Me!  We are One in the Great Cosmic Dream that is unfolding into a New Form now!   This Yuga is at a close and the New Begins!  We have danced this Dance together before.  We are at the Beginning of the New! 
All of the energies that are opening up on the Earth Mother and all of the energies that are arriving from the Heavenly realms are assisting you, who are the children of the Earth's Cosmic Dream.   There are decisions to be made now!  There are New Paths to follow!  There are Heavenly chorus's of voices singing you onto and along those Paths!   There are tried and true Paths that are Still serving you, in which case, you will Know if that is your direction.
You will see many big changes in your societies.  You will see that which you have waited for, unfold as if in a Dream of Remembering!   Humans will relate differently to each other and to all of the Kingdoms of Mother Earth! 
Let your Hearts sing with the Delight of the New Earth that is being birthed by Your Intentions!   Let all that is pain and loss go into the Void from which it came, to be re-created into the form of Love and Caring, and Peace.