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Relay Relay Relay -- Drexel, Andromedia

Spirit Eagle

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There is much that has been transpiring in the atmosphere of your political struggle and in your personal lives.  We wish you to know that you are at the Point of No Return in your travels to Higher Dimensions of Light!  
All people are at this time experiencing the Collective of the Consciousness of all of you!   There is, in the very air the emotions of all bouncing off of each other.   The Time is upon you!  There is No Retreating back into your Comfort Zones.  
Life is occurring in such a way that it is no longer time to Hide from Yourselves!   Emotions that many have refused to feel, to "deal with" as you say, have come into your consciousness in such a way that there is no option but to feel and to heal them!   The pain comes through the avoidance of the pain.
When you are ready for the higher dimensional frequencies, you will have Faced and FELT    your pain, Walked Through your fears, and Shed the unshed tears, Forgiven what you thought was unforgivable in yourself and in others.   The pain, the fears and the unforgiveness hold you in the lower Dimensions!
Their is no "magic pill" to heal yourself and to bring you into a higher consciousness.  The "magic" is what it has Always been:  Working on YOURSELF!   This is what Loving Yourself is about!  You will not be able to slide into Higher Dimensional Frequencies with a backpack filled with the Unresolved Past upon your backs!   Impossible!  
We encourage you to open your hearts (emotions) and your minds so that you may work with the Energies that are flooding the Earth at this time to help to balance You and in doing so to balance the Earth!
I am Drexel and I work with those of us who help to heal emotional scars and wounds of which there are many on the Earth.  We are honored and pleased to assist you at this most Auspicious of Times!   Look Within and Look Up!  We Are Here!
Telepathic Communication  by   Spirit Eagle   Tuesday  April 1, 2008     8:14 pm