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Message From Matthew for Jan. 27, 2008

Suzy Star

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US primaries; the economy, changes; Illuminati group, control crashing; ethanol; Internet; importance of sound; turmoil, violence in third density and universal contexts; other civilizations’ help in world transformation 
1. This is Matthew greeting you in this first month of your calendar year 2008, and what a year of decisive revelations it promises to be!  So let us get right to this.  
2. The eyes and ears of the world are aimed at the nominating primaries in the United States, and it is a grand circus that these are providing.  Although Hillary Clinton is the Illuminati’s choice as the next US president—with good reason, as she is one of the most influential in that global group—they also have their reasons for rigging the voting process so that various candidates in each party come out on top in one state or another.  As long as these “leading” ones remain hopeful of getting their party’s nomination, they will stick to Illuminati-approved topics and avoid critical issues. This keeps the real state of the union under wraps in their speeches along with keeping voters uncertain about whom to believe, whom to trust with presidential power in what is relentlessly publicized as an Al Queda-terrorized world.  And how much more obvious can it be that the only candidates who are not under the thumb of the Illuminati are all but excluded from media attention?  Take heart in knowing that not only will the light disclose the truth about the candidates prior to the November election, but efforts are underway to have an accurate vote count then.  Parallel to the Illuminati’s nefarious efforts to put still another of their own in the White House, in a collaborative effort between Earth humankind and benevolent extraterrestrial family, there is a strong movement afoot to derail that dark plan.  Eventually all leaders of all nations will be honest, wise and capable souls.       
3. The same kind of joint effort is true about the economy disaster in the United States, which is reverberating around the globe.  When your mainstream media use words like “economic downturn” and “recession”; banks are reporting gigantic losses; home repossessions are mounting; credit card debt is astronomical; stock market trading suspiciously rises and falls and rises and falls; mortgage lenders are going under; retail sales are down; small companies die and large ones send jobs to other countries where wages are at bare subsistence levels; you know that major changes in current business methods must occur.   
4. The facts are, the United States has been bankrupt for some time—there is no foundation for the amount of currency in circulation and no means to repay the national debt—and financial turmoil will increase, not get back on a firm footing as the administration proposes will result from pouring a small amount of money into personal pockets and more into business pockets.  That “spending stimulus” and measures being taken in other countries are the Illuminati’s frenzied attempts to keep the lid on the global economy, which they are desperate to keep under their control, but none of their ploys will work. The ever-increasing light will blow that lid right off and expose the root of deepening problems: the corrupt banking system, private ownership of the Federal Reserve and its Internal Revenue Service collection agency, manipulated stock markets, and exploitation of nations’ natural resources.  Their long era of worldwide economic domination is crashing around them.  
5. For the benefit of readers who may not know who the Illuminati are, I shall digress a moment to explain that this name meaning “illuminated,” or “enlightened,” was chosen by the darkly-inclined ones who generation after generation have oppressed your world and suppressed many truths.  Also known as the secret government, the dark cabal or the elitists, it is not a membership society as such, but rather a large group of powerful individuals around the globe who essentially run governments; legal systems; royal families; religions; mainstream media; banking; education; medical field; entertainment venues; international corporations—in short, every business, organization and institution that profoundly affects life on Earth.  The scope and tenacity of this dark web is why the peoples have been so easily controlled for so long.  Earth, who is a sentient being, no longer is willing to tolerate the suffering of her human and animal life and her planetary body that is caused by the dark ones’ abuse of free will, and she asked for universal assistance so her residents can break free of the deeply entrenched deception, corruption, greed and tyranny.  In a nutshell, that freedom process is what is happening in your world. 
6. To return to the financial topic, the next several months can be likened to “the darkness before the dawn.”  Many will experience hardships for a while, but those will be mild compared to what is on the Illuminati agenda, to plunge your world into such dire economic straits that billions would starve while those dark ones further enrich their unconscionable fortunes of illegally amassed wealth.  US President Bush’s push to produce ethanol rather than renewable energy sources to reduce dependency on oil is part of that insidious plan—corn production would go for that fuel instead of consumption by people and animals raised for food—remember, Bush does what he is told by the more powerful in the Illuminati ranks.  That plan won’t get off the drawing board either. Spiritually evolved souls well experienced in economic and business management are ready to step in, so there will be no vacuum in the conduct of those affairs as the present system is replaced by a return to a basis of precious metals.   
7. We see that many who used to take at face value political hopefuls’ promises and the rosy spin put on the economy still want to feel hopeful, but they are becoming wary. We greet this awakening process that will become what you could call a very rude awakening as truths continue to come out, especially when the origin and purpose of religious dogmas is revealed.  Despite the ever-increasing light intensity that is enabling higher consciousness and greater spiritual clarity, not all people who will believe the disclosures about the centuries of Illuminati control will be able to accept the truth about the millennia of religious control.  
8. In reference to both authentic history and “breaking news,” the most trustworthy source today is the Internet.  For all its capacity to convey the false along with the factual, nevertheless it is the most reliable source of reports that cover what is omitted in mainstream media or is in conflict with that information. When the volume of facts on the Internet reaches a crescendo, so to say, newspapers and the air waves are forced to report the tip of the iceberg to maintain any credibility, and ones who still believe those sources do get glimpses of truth.  Although the dark minds’ intention to use Internet communication to complement their other forms of mind control was swiftly compromised by soul-searching users, this means also is serving their purpose of disseminating false information, so be very discerning about all its material just as with all other sources’.  
9. A related subject for your discretion, at least insofar as radio and television, is sound.  The sounds from every source emanate frequencies that are beneficial or detrimental to your psyche and body, and in the higher frequencies now prevailing on Earth, you are correspondingly more greatly affected by the sounds around you. The dark minds are keenly aware of this and their skullduggery extends to bombarding you with damaging inaudible sound waves—those you can’t avoid.  But in most instances you can choose sounds from radios, TVs and stereos.  A great deal of modern music and programming teems with dissonance or harmful decibels or both, and you can avoid those noises. Scientific experiments with classical works by Mozart, Beethoven and other masters have proven their calming, nurturing effects on very sick patients, the flourishing of plants, and the gentle receptivity of animals.  We understand that symphonic music is not everyone’s cup of tea, but you would do well to keep in mind its great benefits.  Whenever you can, venture into Nature—delight in the sounds it offers and revel in the essence of BEing at One with All. And please don’t overlook the soothing sound of silence—it is golden indeed!—and as often as possible, treat yourselves to the restorative upliftment of stillness.  
10. Now then, if you are thinking that despite all our contentions that the light is increasing, there is little evidence of this as you observe more outbreaks of violence, from civil wars to individual acts of assault and murder, please put these in the context of what we have said about the higher frequencies magnifying all characteristics and behavior—simply put, now “good” is better and “bad” is worse.  The killings of those who held or were vying for prominent leadership roles anywhere in the world are part of this exacerbated energetic force, and so is the brutality within families and acquaintances and indiscriminate killings. Those kinds of incidents will continue until the energy with dark tentacles that initiates them runs its course.  Do not fall into fear, that most pernicious tool and the fuel of the darkness!  A magnified energy at its core and correspondingly stronger now, fear forms cracks in the psyche that become entryways for dark tentacles.  Keep foremost in your thoughts that always the light is stronger—light is the same as love and it is the most powerful force in the universe.  Keeping your light steady is your fortress that the darkness cannot scale.   
11. Although from our vantage point of observation and our knowledge of soul contracts in general, we are joyfully astounded by the amazingly rapid progress of the light, we also empathize—yes, empathize, not only sympathize—with the souls who are experiencing trauma, grief and confusion during this stage of Earth’s transition.  While many are leaving according to their pre-birth agreements, many others are choosing to amend their contracts and leave early so as to forego the pain of their intolerable living conditions that adds negativity, and they are joining in the light-beaming from souls in spirit to help Earth rid herself of negativity.  And I hasten to say that the “better good” is happening in far greater abundance than the “bad worse”! 
12. I shall speak first in a third density context about the countries with the most media attention: Iraq and Afghanistan, with on-going combat, turmoil and US-installed puppet regimes; Iran, the next nation on the dark ones’ agenda, thus the rhetoric about the need to stop its potential to develop nuclear weaponry; Pakistan, with its serious political unrest; the Zionist-led 60-year conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians; and now Lebanon.  Very few of the violent incidents in that entire area are the work of the “Muslim radicals” who are blamed for them—this is part of the propaganda to instill the idea that the new enemy of peace and freedom is the Islamic religion. The “insurgents,” the political label given the ones trying to free their people from foreign occupation, in previous times were “patriots” fighting to liberate their countries from foreign oppressors.  Most of the death and destruction, including many of the suicide bombings, are “black-ops” activities implemented or directed by the Illuminati-controlled faction of the CIA, often using mind-controlled individuals.  But the big picture is that all the violence reinforces the necessity to keep waging the fictional “war on terror.” Expanding this “war” is an Illuminati priority not only to further erode civil and God-given rights, but to gain “popular” support to include the manpower required to keep their conquests and occupation going in their march to world control.  That never can happen except in some delusional minds that are captive of lowest third density energy forces.      
13. Now, in the context of the universal continuum and multiple lifetime experiencing, what is happening in those countries is the winding up of the third density karma that started in ancient times and has been brought forward throughout the ages.  In pre-birth agreements, today’s inhabitants chose to return specifically to participate in this balancing process for themselves and their lands to aid Earth’s ascension out of third density’s hotbed of darkness.  Starting at a later time, the same is true of the nations in Africa where tyranny and bloodshed has long been a way of life.  Understandably, the end of oppression and death in all of those areas will come more slowly than in countries without the need for that heavy karmic balancing.  While life is no less traumatic for the affected populations on a conscious level, putting their living and dying in the karmic context permits the understanding of why that is continuing even as the light keeps intensifying.   
14. With reference to the recent incident of Palestinians exploding the wall at Egypt’s border so they could enter that country to get food and other necessities, the purpose in third density context is clear—oppressed peoples taking survival into their own hands.  The higher view is, this is symbolic of all barriers between peoples and borders between nations breaking down as awareness of the unity of all souls is rising.      
15. Another aspect of the controlled mass information is that tragedies wherever they are happening receive the most focus to perpetually keep fear, violence and sorrow on center stage.  No individual can assimilate that extent of humankind’s suffering, and the dark ones rely on apathy as the reaction to those overwhelming numbers along with your feeling helpless to change anything and therefore doing nothing.  Oh, how deluded they are!  Millions are taking bold steps and bringing about positive change all the way from small communities to international movements.  Expansion of the light that is permeating hearts and minds throughout the world CANNOT be stopped!  Please do not think that only the ones in leadership positions are important—EVERY soul is essential, and simply by radiating your own light, each of you is contributing to the transformation of your world.   
16. That is how it must be because it is your world.  Messages from spiritually evolved beings time and again reassure you that myriad members of your universal family are among you and surrounding your homeland planet to assist you every step of the way.  Out of their love and honor for you, they are there to help you manifest the wondrous world of your vision.  And don’t forget that in every moment, we in spirit are enfolding you in unconditional love! 

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