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A Message From the Masters

Vell Ann Koehn

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You want to forget the past to move on into the future to do the mission that you came to do.  You wonder what did I come to do? You get no answers as to what your mission is.  Have you considered reaching back into some of your past life times to see if you left some unresolved issues you no longer wish to face, but are blocking you?  You may believe since you know you was an Ascended Master, you could not possibly have created some karma.  Stop, and take a good look at some of your past life times with the help of your Guide's.  Ask your Guide's for help, who are just waiting for you to ask for their help.
From the beginning of the creation of our Planet, to the times when Christ, came to teach us love, all transgressions were forgiven by GRACE, by Creator God, which was 2,000 years ago. Any transgressions that have been committed in the last 2,000 years, karma was again applied as a Universal law.  You each are responsible to clear the karma that you have created.  Any pain you have inflected to any Soul, you must personally ask the injured Soul, to forgive you.
Ask your Guide's, to bring the injured Soul, to you on the Inner Planes, so you may ask their forgiveness.  When they are brought to you, you will have a feeling that they are in your space even though you can not actually see them, but you will know if they forgive you or not.  If they refuse to forgive you, that is alright.  At least you have done your part and your karma is released.  Also ask your own Soul, to forgive you.  By asking Creator God, to forgive you, does not release you from the karma.
This also applies to anyone taking the life of another Soul, by being in the Military, defending your own Country, any participation directly or indirectly causing pain to another Soul.  This includes using mind control on another Soul, to do your bidding, is also violating a Universal law, creating karma for yourselves.
Anyone using Reiki, mind control in healing another person, permission must be given by the person or the family of the person being healed.  If Reiki, is used for selfish reasons in controlling another person, the consequences can be very severe karma for the controller.  
You may believe by projecting Light all over the Planet, to raise the vibrations of the Planet, that the good you do to help humanity, that it will make up the difference to balance the Akashic ledger, but it doesn't work that way.  You don't get by with anything outside of Universal law.  
When our Planet, is ready to go into a higher dimension and your karma is not cleared, you will be removed from the physical dimension and taken to another Solar System, to incarnate again to continue where you left off in your spiritual pathway.  If you are not willing to clear up your karma, believing you have none to clear up and are not willing to turn to the Light you will be removed physically from our Planet, and your Soul, will be taken to the Astral Plane on the new Planet, which is the first Planet, created in a new Solar System, which is also the beginning of a new Universe, to incarnate on the new Planet.
This new Planet, is bare with no shelter from the Dinosaurs roaming around freely.  You will have no protection from severe weather changes or conditions. All Soul's incarnating on this new Planet, will start all over again like our Planet Earth, was referred to as the Stone Age in the beginning.  This is how it is on the birthing of a new Planet.  Every Planet, in all of creation started the same way.
Population on this new Planet, is around ten-million with Soul's, starting over again.  These are all old Soul's, that wanted to control other Soul's for selfish reasons, or refused to turn to the Light.  Many of the controller's on our Planet, have already been taken to the new Planet.  Creator God, has His, own way of bringing justice to His, children, that are desobedient to the Universal laws that He, set up in the very beginning of His Omniverse, all of His creation. 
The choice is yours to reach into your past life times to clear your karma, which will help to raise the vibrations of our Planet, immediately and will also help to remove the Dark Forces, faster so our Planet may move into a higher dimension sooner.
Our Government, as we know it, is on it's way out as the Illuminati and Politicians, are being removed from our Planet, daily even though the News Media under the control of the Dark Forces, are not allowed to bring truth to the collective consciousness on our Planet.
The Illuminati controllers, are active in every Nation, on our Planet, and not only in the United States, which is coming to an end.  As our own Government, is on it's way out, a new Government, is ready to move forward with the help of our Spiritual Hierarchy, to lead our New President and Vice President.
Our new Government, will bring our Military, home immediately.  Closing every one of our military bases in every Foreign Nation.  Our United States, is never to invade another Nation, again, ever.  The Galactic Federation, with Trillions of members from all two-million Universe's, are ready to take over the war zones, to remove the Dark Force Controller's, off of our Planet, to bring Peace to every Nation on our Planet.
Creator God, says enough is enough.  He is now in control.  There will be no more war on our Planet.  The same Illuminati Dark Force's, destroyed the surface of the Planet Mars, and also Uranus, with Nuclear energy.  All Soul's on Mars, had to move within the Planet to 
survive.  Marsian's, are in the fourth dimension and therefore are invisible to us third dimensional humans. On Uranus after the Nuclear war humans, grew to be 13 to 15 feet tall with many physical deformities.
At this point the Galactic Federation, has neutralized all Nuclear bombs on our Planet, to keep our Planet, from being destroyed by nuclear bombs.  We owe the Galactic Federation, our sincere gratitude for coming to help us or the Illuminati, would have already destroyed our Planet.  This is why Creator God, says enough is enough.  All wars will end and he has commanded the Spiritual Hierarchy to lead all Governments on our Planet.
Our Planet, is not the only one moving into the higher dimension after it is cleared from the Illuminati, but all two-million Universe's are also going into higher dimensions.   Each Universe, has 12 Constellation's; each Constellation, has 12 Galaxies; each Galaxie has 12 Solar Systems; each Solar System, has 12 planets.  And we were programmed by the Dark Force's, to believe that our Creator God, was not capable to create but one Planet, called Earth.
As our Planet, is cleared from the Dark Force's, who call themselves the Illuminati, and our Planet, is ready to move into a higher dimension, every Planet, in our Solar System, also moves forward into a higher dimension, and as it moves forward our entire Universe, also moves into a higher dimension. As it moves forward so do the rest of the Universe's, all of Creator God's creation, the Omniverse.     This has never happened in the history of Creator God's, creation before.  We are at the cusp of a historic monumental time period of all of Creator God's creation.
Are we as a collective consciousness, ready to rejoice as we move forward with the rest of the Universe's, into a higher dimension?
Vel Ann Koehn