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Message From Ker-On "NESARA - ETI's Contact"

Mike Quinsey

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A typical example are the benefits of NESARA, which you have long known about. Many earlier attempts have been made to bring you the benefits, but the web of deceit and corruption prevented such a happening. Subsequently it was incorporated as part of the changes that are to follow in a logical and necessary sequence. Their introduction has to be at a time when other events take away the power of the dark to prevent NESARA their manifesting. At present they are in disarray and collapsing because of the very conditions that they have brought about. Therefore the prosperity programs are in place and waiting the opportune moment to release them.

Patience is very much required and if you knew what a massive operation was taking place you would understand why. Our allies are in the line of fire and you know that the dark forces will stop at nothing to hold onto their power. You must keep faith with us, without being able to know too much in the way of details. Suffice to say that NESARA will come into being and kick-start a massive change in your fortunes. At present your economy is in a poor state, and the dollar faces a total collapse. We will try to offset that by bringing NESARA into your reality at the appropriate time.

Clearly in most parts of the world many changes are needed to overcome the breakdown of the old systems. Politically and economically they no longer serve you and have become so corrupt. People are now so angry that they make their views known, but as you have seen they are not allowed the freedom of expressing them. You need rescuing from the self appointed leaders, who have walked all over the legal ways of election. In the US you an illegal President having twice seen the voting system rigged in his favor.

However, the malaise goes very deep, and where once your leaders were people of principle and what were called “god fearing men and women”, they no longer acknowledge any higher powers other than their own. You will see a dramatic change before long, and as in bygone eras they will be spiritually empowered and true representatives of the people. All of these changes take time, but be assured that everything is ready in preparation. The ultimate goal is in ensuring your readiness for the great upliftment, when you shall finally move into the higher vibrations.

Your personal changes are happening as an ongoing process. Many have experienced those that are taking place within, and report symptoms that are much the same as each others. Tiredness, and the need to withdraw from the day-to-day activities for periods of peace and quiet are experienced. You are becoming more sensitive to what is going on around you. However, as you retain the ability to go within at such times, you are finding it much easier to stay within your own peaceful countenance when disturbing energies surround you. There are many different forms of guidance that will continue to lead you onwards, and it is a matter of finding what suits you best. All have merit and are presented by dear souls who have taken it upon themselves to help others.

Service to others is the byword that carries you forward and allows a sharing of your knowledge. Is it not natural that you find such a desire, when all around you the Love and Light is opening people’s hearts to the needs of others? We serve you because you have accepted our helping hand, and we also serve the Creator who has decreed the manner in which the transition from duality to Ascension shall take place. Keep your focus on the Light, and as you serve others you are providing the means for their awakening to the truth. Serving by example is the way to attract others to the Light without imposing your beliefs upon them.

There are a multitude of different beings on Earth, and their paths to the Light require different approaches. Many are trapped by tradition and superstition, and some by the fearful consequences of disobeying their religious upbringing. The latter are the most difficult to approach as their fear is very real, and their trust will first have to won. That will be taken care of when the Master’s return as their word will be accepted. Absolutely nothing has been overlooked, and no one will want for guidance onto the path of Ascension. It is your choice as to whether you take the wonderful opportunity being offered. There will never be any sense of enforcement, as we respect the fact that you are sovereign Beings who have been gifted with absolute freedom.

You are entering a most exciting period, and the frustrations of the latter years will quickly pass from your memories. Always bear in mind that whatever chaos exists, it is a means to an end of the power of the dark forces. There is no way that they can recover and as you might say, the writing is on the wall. Bide your time and be patient, and you will see the signs that will tell you all is well. Major changes to your society cannot happen overnight, but some events leading up to them will nevertheless speedily take place. We are as ever at the ready to act at a minutes notice, and indeed we have diverted or prevented many attempts to escalate the Middle East War.

I am Ker-On from Venus and like many in direct contact with people of the Earth, have had much experience from past contacts way back into your historical times. We know you well and your aspirations to be released from the oppression that you live under. The Galactic Federation is a great organization of ascended Star Nations, and their function is one of assisting the evolution of the lesser worlds. This is not meant as a criticism, but simply as a way of indicating your existence in the lower vibrations. That is changing and we are here to help you right through the time of transition. It is our loving and willing duty, to ensure your safe passage to the next phase of your travels into the wondrous realms that stretch out into Infinity.

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.

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