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SIRUS -- It s Time For the Truth To Be Known

Dr. Steven Greer

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May 15, 2012

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It is time for the truth to be known: we are not alone in the Cosmos…and


The Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. What we have learned from them about energy propulsion can bring us to a new era, but those in power have suppressed this information in order to keep us at their mercy. It is time for you to know…and this documentary will let you in.



Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the worldwide Disclosure Movement and the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence is working with Emmy award winning filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka and his team at Neverending Light Productions to produce one of the most significant films of our time.

This film exposes the greatest story never told:

  • The Earth has been visited by people from other worlds who are not malicious, but in fact concerned for the future of humanity.
  • A cabal of military, industrial and financial interests have kept this contact and what we have learned from it secret for over 60 years.
  • Their secrecy is meant to suppress the knowledge that can liberate the world from the yoke of oil, gas, coal and nuclear power and replace the current world order with one of New Energy and true Freedom.



  • I. The first section of the film will share the vast scope of evidence that ET’s exist, from official government documents, high-level witness testimony and audio and visual evidence. Disclosure and CSETI have the largest library of never before seen footage gathered over 20 years of study.
  • II. Next, we interview a group of brilliant scientists who aim to expose long-held secret technologies. They show us how energy can be derived from the fabric of space around us, and how industrial cartels have suppressed this information. What did Nicola Tesla know, and why did the FBI seize his papers upon his death? Man-made anti-gravity vehicles have been in use for over half a century, some even used to perpetuate the ET abduction hoax in order to control the masses. Now is the time for these technologies to be acknowledged and developed for peaceful energy purposes.
  • III. In the final section, we explore CONTACT: the CE-5 principles and how to build a bridge to a trans-dimensional universe. We will also share how the average person can make contact with people from other worlds. They are only a thought away…



No major media group or corporation wants to see this information get out. So that’s why we need you!

We the people are going to make this film.

Not just fund or produce it, but also distribute.

Everyone has a stake in seeing this film succeed. With over 7 billion people burning up the Earth’s resources, the time is now to make this change.

Your financial support will help us develop the documentary which will expose years of witness testimony and evidence for the world to see. In addition, through the proceeds of this film, you will be helping fund independent research and development of the long-suppressed energy technologies so urgently needed by humanity. For your donations, you will have also access to a variety of exclusive materials, as defined in the campaign you see on the right.

When you make a contribution…

you will be redirected to PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account and can pay with credit card as a PayPal guest. Be sure to click on “return to” in order to be redirected back to our page.



To send a personal check directly… please use the following address:

Sirius Technology and Research

PO Box 265

Crozet, VA 22932

To make a major donation, or to find out more information about major investment opportunities, please contact us at:



Neverending Light Productions is an Emmy Award winning independent motion picture company based in Los Angeles. Their principle purpose is to develop and produce international films that foster knowledge, entertainment, and responsible living.


Steven M. Greer, MD is founder of The Disclosure Project, and The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI). In May 2001, he presided over the groundbreaking National Press Club Disclosure Event where over 20 military, government, intelligence and corporate witnesses presented compelling testimony regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life. Dr. Greer has been seen and heard by millions world-wide on CBS, the BBC, The Discovery Channel, the History channel and through many other news sources.


1. Why are there two fundraising websites?

There are two sites… this one (which is running a different software to tally and record donors) and a site. The former is meant for internal people who are already connected to Dr. Greer’s work and they take little to no %. Kickstarter is meant for external people that are new to the work at hand and Kickstarter takes a 8% commission for hosting that page.

There are two different goals because this site, at, is reporting the whole budget for the film. The Kickstarter discloses the preproduction and development budget.

Both sites are separate and if you donated to one, then you will not be seen on the other. They are not connected. However, both are working and are accurate. We have been logging all transactions and will do our best to email you with your information.

2. Is my contribution tax deductible?

Sirius Technology and Research is not a 501c3 non-profit. Contributions to this project are not tax-deductible under that section of the US tax law. Please consult a tax professional regarding further questions about tax deductions and film investments. It is not our goal to advise tax preparation and deductions. This is a matter of personal responsibility by each contributor.

3. Where can I send my resume if I would like to contribute work to this project?

We appreciate your interest, but at this time are not reviewing resumes or portfolios. However, we would like to hear from you in the future. Please subscribe here for our newsletter. This way you can follow our progress and you may contact us once again when we get closer to production. At that point, we will be putting out calls for employment and artistic contributions.

4. When will this film be released?

If our fundraising goal is met, we plan to release Sirius in December of 2012. If you have made a contribution or signed up for our newsletter, we have your email address on file and will update you on when and where the film will be screened across the country. We will also provide information about how to order extra DVDs or access the film through online video distribution services, such as iTunes and Amazon.

Sign up here for keeping track of this project via email (We don’t spam)

5. Have you begun production?

We are currently in development and pre-production. Production will begin as soon as our fundraising goal is met and we are to finance the travel, equipment, crew and other personnel necessary to gather footage in addition to the wealth of existing material Dr. Steven Greer has collected through his work with The Disclosure Project.

6. Where will this film Premiere?

The Red Carpet Premiere will take place in Los Angeles, California. Individuals who donate at the $500 level will receive two tickets to join us for this event, and those who donate $1500 will join Dr. Greer and director Amardeep Kaleka for a dinner and discussion following the show. Travel and expenses are not included for either. While this is the the official Red Carpet Premiere, the film will be also be screened in many cities around the country.

We will have many different strategies for premiering the film in your own area via weblink or screener DVD.

7. Will this film be available in other languages?

Absolutely. This is a film that will subtitled and/or dubbed in many languages. We will be able to tell you more when we are in the post production phase of this project. Sign up here for keeping track on the project.

8. I’m trying to sign up for your e-mail newsletter, but it’s not accepting my address.

We are aware that the email service we are using sometimes does not accept certain foreign addresses. If you encounter a problem, please email your contact information to (click here) and we will add you manually to our list.

9. I received a confirmation email from Sirius after making my payment, but all the fields except my email address are blank. Did my payment go through?

If you have received confirmation from PayPal itself, your payment has gone through. The second email is a confirmation of the email list, which may not include all fields. If you see this, do not worry. We do have your contact information in our PayPal database and will be able to add you to our mailing list.

10. I live outside of the USA and am having trouble entering my address in PayPal.

Please be sure to first select your country from the drop down box above credit card number. This will change the address boxes in PayPal to fit the system your country uses.

11. I do not want to use PayPal. Can I have your bank account information for a direct transfer?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide bank account information. However, if you would like to make a payment by check, you can send it to:

Sirius Technology and Research

PO Box 265

Crozet, VA 22932

12. When will I receive my rewards? I have additional information on shipping instructions, appearance of names on the credits, etc.

The delivery date of each reward varies. Items such as posters and books will begin to be distributed after our fundraising campaign is complete. Other items related to the film will be determined by our production and release schedule. We will email you when it is time to distribute your reward in order to assure we have your current contact information on file. At this time, we will also ask you how you would like your name displayed in the credits if applicable and the correct address to send information – just in case you have moved.

13. How can I help more?

We appreciate all of you helping to spread this information to your networks, via social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc) or email. If you’d like some materials to use to get people’s attention on your social networks, please download our Image Campaign Kit at:

also watch the update video here:

We will send out newsletters throughout the campaign updating you on our progress and share more ways you can help spread the word.