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Report: Major X-9 Solar Eruption Not Seen In 30 Years Happening Now

Doug Edelman

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positioning systems (GPS) of earth could easily suffer a major impact due to the event.

GPS receivers have become widely used in recent years, using satellite signals in navigating airplanes, ships and automobiles, and in using cell phones, mining, surveying and many other commercial uses, says a BBW magazine report. Banks use the system to synchronize money transfers, "so space weather can affect all of us, right down to our wallet," said Anthea J. Coster, an atmospheric scientist at the Haystack Observatory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A major solar flare not seen in 30 years, however, prompted a more detailed account from Russia. The paper Commersant puts the event in perspective saying that the flare was classified an X-9, meaning an extremely powerful event. Except for its timing which directed the energy away from earth, the flare could have disruptive effects on both electronic communications and health. But we seem to be too preoccupied with the politics of man-made global warming to pay much heed to energetic phenomena that easily dwarf anything our technology could bring to bear. Or are we being purposely being kept in the dark?