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in Washington, was the first American child to teleport and one of America’s early time-space explorers, as told in his soon-to-be-published book, Once Upon a Time in Time’s Stream: My Adventures in Project Pegasus at the Dawn of the Time-Space Age. Andy serves as Team Leader of Project Pegasus. The mission of Project Pegasus is to lead the legal and political campaign to urge the US government to disclose its teleportation capability, so that this life-advantaging technology can be used by humanity to achieve planetary sustainability.

Andrew D. Basiago returns to the program for a three hour discussion on Mars, life on Mars, Human activity there and his teleportation to the red planet and much more. We begin with the first hour to take some questions from our listeners. Topics Discussed: Bringing Metal objects while teleporting, Suits, Description of the jump room and the device, Courtney M Hunt. Does it take a lot of Energy to run the Jump Room, the Chronovisor or the Teleportation Device? Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor at Princeton University, Inventions of Tesla, Death Ray Experimentation, Keeping things Secret, FBI and CIA confiscation of Tesla's work, Foreknowledge of 9/11, We also discuss more on Bill Richardson, the David Wilcock/Andrew Basiago controversy and much more.CON


Nov. 17, 2010