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Electric Mars - Pt. One (with video)

Michael Goodspeed

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Of all the planets in our solar system, none has been discussed on these pages more than the planet Mars. From geological evidence of global electrical scarring in the past, to a continuous stream of space data indicating electrical phenomena occurring today, Mars has more than earned its distinction as a laboratory in space, offering an ideal proving ground for the electric hypothesis. The focus of the first installment of this two-part series is Mars today.

To say that the Martian realm challenges conventional schools of meteorology and planetary science is a profound understatement. From "towering electrified dust devils" the size of Mt. Everest, to the global Martian dust storms, to bizarre "spider" formations in the planet's southern polar regions, attempts to explain the Martian weather and geophysical anomalies from the traditional textbooks have resoundingly failed. These "mysteries" are not nearly so mysterious from an electrical vantage point, which views Mars as a charged body interacting with the electric field of the Sun.

This video, like many of the articles on this site, asserts that the electric force is essentially ignored by modern astronomers, and has been for decades. Recently, one of the more vociferous self-described "skeptics" of the Electric Universe commented, “Magnetism is a very important topic in astrophysics (despite some pseudoscientists lying and saying this force is ignored), but it's not well-understood.” The "lying pseudoscientists" remark features a hyperlink to a forum discussion of the Electric Universe.

The above proclamation is disingenuous even by the standards of said self-described "skeptic." I've read and occasionally contributed to this website for 5 years, and I'm not aware of an instance when anyone with the Thunderbolts group has claimed that "magnetism is ignored in astrophysics." Rather, proponents of the Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology - including many professional electrical engineers and plasma physicists - all agree that mainstream astrophysicists and astronomers do not understand - and yes IGNORE - the well-documented relationship between electricity and magnetism. The self-described "skeptic" is not behaving like a skeptic, but a pseudoskeptic, relying on absurd straw men and personal derision. Since it is NOT the position of Electric Universe proponents that astrophysicists "ignore magnetism," one must ask, who is "lying" here?

Thunderblog's own Michael Gmirkin sums up the absurdity of the purported skeptic's ad hominem with some pithy replies over on the Thunderbolts Forum:

What is so doggedly difficult about this Phil??

Magnetism is predicated on electric currents. Period. Look it up. Such silly statements about magnetism being a terribly difficult problem to understand should be embarrassing.

The only problem is that astronomers like yourself steadfastly refuse to acknowledge or talk about electric currents in space. Please get your scientific house in order in astronomy. Learn from a competent electrical engineer or a plasma physicist who knows what they're talking about, and stop showing your ignorance of the relationship between electricity and magnetism. Or, better yet, LOOK IT UP!

HyperPhysics - Magnetic Field

"Magnetic fields are produced by electric currents, which can be macroscopic currents in wires, or microscopic currents associated with electrons in atomic orbits."
NASA - Magnetic Fields
"People not familiar with magnetism often view it as a somewhat mysterious property of specially treated iron or steel."
COMMENT: People not familiar with magnetism... Like astronomers? Phil Plait?
Gmirkin elaborates further in the Thunderbolts forum. I recommend that viewers visit the link for some enjoyable reading after watching the video. Michael Goodspeed

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