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Russian Cosmospheres Or: Who Really Controls The World?

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esday, 10 September 2003

Robert B. wrote to ask me about the Russian Cosmospheres. I had never heard of them and asked him to expand a bit on the topic. Following is his email.

But first, I have to tell you that this was the beginning of a journey I did not expect. I leave it for you to take your own trip down this very, very deep rabbit hole... You might want to take a bottle of oxygen. It is positively dizzying in its magnitude and convolution: But here are 'the space ships', the moon bases, moon laser, scalar weapons, faked spaceflights mixed with real ones for very different purposes and the ultimate fight between the Factions, which you will find in the following links are defined as the 2) Bolshevik Zionists and 1) the Rockefeller Soviets.

Robert refers to 'Fire in the Sky'... I am breaking out many of those in separate posts below so that you will be able to go directly to those subjects you may find of interest.

I can only tell you that I have come away from this experience today fully cognizant that the country in which I thought I lived, only exists in the American Heart. It has never existed in Washington...except for one brief shining moment...known as...Camelot.

Thank you, Robert...

--------- Dear E., I really do not know much about the Russia Space Triad including the Cosmospheres. This is why I came to Rumor Mills. The “Posters” seem to be rather informed so I assumed I could get answers to my questions regarding the Triad.

I only know about the existence of the Triad and how it is used to stop the Zionist/Bolshevick/Khazers from starting World War Three and other disruptions Whether it be Hurricane/Tornado Engineering or taking out US Spy Satellites before they get into orbit.

David Beter Beter was the source of most of the information I have read. His archives are at

Beter talked about the use of Russian Clones to take over the US Government as well. He also discussed economics and other global maters.

Beters material was compiled be a man named Richard Snell and was distributed, the manuscript was called “Fire From the Sky”. Later a person that helped Mr Snell compile the Beter information added much more information such as where the Russian got the Electro-Gravitic technology along with information on the Nazi connection. That information can be found at, Go to Item 28. All parts of the Fire From the Sky manuscript are there.

The Beter material was also printed in a magazine called “CONTACT”. Within the Fire From the Sky material comments were made from a Very High perspective. The CONTACT website is,

I read the Fire From the Sky material back in 1995. Since then Pandora’s Box has blown clean open and I now have a much more clear understanding of why things are the way they are.

Beter says that the Russians via Cosmosphere went to Mars in 1982. The Russians did this after hearing Hoagland’s material regarding Cydonia Mars. I mean if you have the ability to reach Mars with your Cosmospheres in a few days then you would go there. Apon seeing that indeed Hoagland is right and there are ruins of an ancient city at Cydonia, I would get an entire excavation crew to Cydonia ASAP to study what is there. So now we enter the NASA problem. It has been 20 years since Russia has been at Cydonia cleaning up the city of Cydonia. Now we have lots of Cosmospheres and other Craft on the ground around and within the city of Cydonia. Since the Russians no doubt have cleaned up the City, any picture should be much, much more detailed and the Russian Space Platforms will also be in the picture. Since the Russian Space Command is also very “tight” with the ET’s we should see ET Craft too. It is my opinion that this is the main reason NASA keeps showing us the totally fake pictures of the Martian Landscape. We are to believe that no one has been to the Moon since 1972 much less to Mars. The second reason we can’t show an ancient city on Mars is for Religious reasons. I as a fully recovered Baptist can vouch for that reason. I was told as a Baptist that life has only been here on Earth and nowhere else. If this is the case then what is with the structures on the Moon and Mars?

Back to the Triad for a moment. Beter says that Russia completely wiped out all of the US Spy Satellites in 1977. Since that time any attempt to get a Spy Satellite into space has been met with destruction, Russia uses the Cosmospheres Particle Beams to take them out. Russia also is the leader in Tesla Scalar Electro-magnetic Pulse Weapons.

If you remember back a few years when everything NASA was launching blew up or failed. It is my assumption that these were attempts to put a Spy Satellite in orbit or some type of Nuclear Weapon. The Zionist Pigs here in America are trying to get intelligence on the Russian Cosmodrome and Cosmosphere bases to launch World War Three. Russia is not about to let that happen, this is why we see Titian, Deltas and Space Shuttles blow up!

And lastly. The Columbia Shuttle was a take out. It had an Israeli onboard along with spying equipment. Information was being collected about Iraq. Also within range are the Cosmodrome and Cosmosphere bases. From what I understand there were there other craft in close quarters to the Columbia. Two I assume were Cosmospheres and one was the infamous triangle craft. What they did was blow a hole in the left wing. This immediate superheating is what caused the sonic-like boom that everyone heard. They labeled this a Military Mission. I wonder how long it took to find the Spy Equipment that was destroyed and wound up laying on the ground in Texas.

The Zionist Pigs just don’t get it. They are so out gunned that it is not funny. If it is not bad enough that the White Russian Faction has the Particle Beams on the Moon, in the Cosmos-Interceptors(Killer Satellites) and several thousand Cosmospheres, plus having tons of Scalar Weapons, they also have plenty of Nukes planted all over the USA should the Zionist Pigs need Their Chains Jerked.

They say it is always darkest before the dawn. I think the time is about 5:00am! God always wins!

Robert B.


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