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Rocky Montana /Violinio Germain

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Jan. 6, 2015

Published on Jan 28, 2013

[ Opinions within brackets and quotation by Violinio Germain added by R. Montana. ]

[ Within the title and body of this text appears to exist a half-truth which is in need of exposure and correction. 

True, the Sun is not a nuclear furnace as we terrestrials think of a forced nuclear fission reaction.  We live in an Electric-Wave-Universe where all matter is but frozen Light, as created through the Mind of our Creator Source.  But the idea that the Sun (inside and out) is cold would mean that the Sun is a dead star, emitting no light and no energy/matter, and that is just not true.  The Sun, and all living stars, are composed of incandescent carbon (incandescent defined as 1. Emitting visible light as a result of being heated. )  While the Sun's surface is frozen, its interior is very hot.  Read the truth about the Sun in the Violinio Germain quotation below. ]



The nuclear furnace myth of the Sun, which was created to support energy baron profits and control, is exposed by Eric Dollard for the sham it is.  This invalidates all tokamak fusion reactors based on the idiotic theory that the sun is a nuclear furnace.  Meaning, that 48 billion dollars of taxpayer money has been wasted on this fraud called nuclear fusion.

This is how the racket is run folks, TPTB funds all of this worthless quackademic faux-science in order to keep you paying for energy, which should be practically free in all applications.

Their slave system of backwards explosion based technologies insures them that we keep paying for their fuels, fighting their dirty lying wars and enriching the subhuman filth who profit from these demonic world destroying activities.

The Sun’s energy comes from the Creator’s still magnetic light Universe and not another dimension.  The Magnetic light Universe controls all motions of our Electric Universe which gives form to Atoms, Suns, Galaxies and everything else in Creation.  The magnetic Universe is dimensionless, zero temperature and zero curvature.  It is the fulcrum from which sex divided electric conditions of male and female spiraling wave forms create the illusion of the 3d Comsic [sic] Light Cinema which man calls the Electric Universe, aka “Maya”.


[ Now, onto the correction of the incorrect conclusion given by the author, that the entirety of the sun is cold...



Suns are incandescent carbon.  Carbon is frozen flame.  Flame is one point of pressure beyond the maximum compression which a body will stand.  Flame is the effect of the explosion which releases the compression at that ultimate point.  Compression heats.  Flame is maximum heat.

... Later, you will find that every atom is exactly like your tire.  It is an electrically compressed ring with a hole in it (Fig. 41).  Nature has to seal her compressed rings to imprison that compression, just as you do, but the cap she uses to seal them is the eternal cold of space which encases every one of them with a frozen crust.  That keeps the heat sealed inside, as it does to your earth.  It seems strange to speak of the frozen crust of the sun, but it is, nonetheless, frozen otherwise the sun would explode.


Source:  Germain - Phoenix Journal 33, MURDER BY ATOMIC SUICIDE - PLEIADES CONNECTION NO. IV, Chapter 2, Page 42.

Now isn't Germain's explanation of the nature of the Sun infinitely more logical in its simplicity than the incorrect conclusion put forth in this article?  For more knowledge on the mechanics of our physical Universe, read the above referenced Phoenix jounal. ]


The many absurd claims about the Sun’s temperature being 30 million degrees in the corona and 15 million degrees inside are therefore false.  Since there is no heat in space it is impossible for the Corona to be 30 degress, let alone 30 million degrees.  The quacks who claim these high temps reason that it is the mythical process called “nuclear fusion”, which generates the x-rays which originate in the Sun.  However, your dentists use electrical methods to create x-rays which do not require these insane temps quackademicians dream up to make them appear to know something about the Sun.  Nuclear fusion is fraud concocted by the mythematicians of quackademia and does not even exist!

Heat does not travel to the Earth through the immense cold of space, it is created here as the electric wave forms coming from the sun strike matter, creating an Actinic effect on Earth, moons and planets of our Solar System, which we call heat and light.

[ Again, the sun's surface (corona) is cold.  However, great heat is generated as energy/matter is ejected off the Sun's surface.  This energy/matter is then quickly cooled and frozen by the extreme cold of space.  When it reaches and penetrates Earth's atmosphere, however, it causes a kind-of electrical-thermodynamic reaction; which, in turn, heats up the air largely near the Earth's surface. 


Some interesting musings By Luis Prada. Filter out all the “newage” and academic quackery and you will see many ideas shared by Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla and Eric Dollard

For a detailed analysis of the True Nature of our Sun and all stars see: chapter 47 of my free online book Free Energy and Free Thinking

Chapter 47: The Actual Electric Sun vs. the Solar Nuclear Furnace “theory” of quackademia…

Viktor Scauberger speaks on the true properties of our Sun:

Page 78, “Living Energies” by Callum Coats

And this is perhaps the moment to drop Viktor Schauberger’s bombshell! Viktor considered the Sun to be a cold, dark body, expressing this view in the introductory remarks to “Questions for Science” in his book Our Senseless Toil published in 1934, in which he states:

Since the very beginning of time the Sun has stood above everything, staring down in icy silence at the frenzied activities of humankind, who regard it as a fiery orb.  How could it be otherwise, such is their direct mental approach towards life!  The closer we approach this source of light and heat, the colder and. darker its face will become.  The nearer we are to it, the brighter the stars will be and as its light diminishes, heat, atmosphere, water and life will also disappear…..

We shall therefore examine the two claims of darkness and cold more closely.  Let us begin with the aspect of darkness, for there is some evidence to support his view that, without any atmosphere, no stars would be visible.”

“Living Energies” by Callum Coats in pdf.…

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