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What is NASA Hiding?

Warwick Associates- Amanda Mario, Publicist

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He’s at it again! The notorious and enjoyable author, Nick Redfern, has opened the door to NASA’s secrets in his new title, The NASA Conspiracies: The Truth Behind the Moon Landings, Censored Photos, and The Face on Mars.


In his inimitable, riveting style, Redfern reveals, in some cases for the first time, the truth and the fiction of how NASA is linked to high-level cover-ups, including a secret space program, UFO visitations and crashes; structures on Mars, the Moon and Venus, and revelations about many more cosmic mysteries.


As our most popular media guest, Redfern guarantees a lively interview.


Please do let me know of your review of The NASA Conspiracies. I will be happy to arrange a phone or an email interview with the author, and/or have him submit an article or book excerpt to your specifications.







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